Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day Walk

Maidstone is the nearest town to where my Mum lives. It is where I was born and went to school from 14. After lunch yesterday we went to look at the rising flood waters resulting from all the rain we have had in the last few days. It was pretty dramatically high! Although there are not houses along this stretch of the river, there are lots of businesses, car parks, and busy roads. The river had burst its banks and risen to the bottom of the High St, across the busy main road into town. The police had stopped allowing people to cross the bridge as the water was right to the arches underneath.

The appropriately named Pudding Lane-for Christmas I mean. 

Lions outside the museum.
Interesting window coverings on the now closed library. 
Sorry no entrance!
Police landrover which drove into the flood waters for no apparent reason, then reversed, turned and drove out again.

Watch out! The meal, it's ahead!

Another appropriate sign, and I like the blue enamel. 
This building always has water next to it. I just like the building!

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Linda Sue said...

THAT is really something! Maidstone Venice!WOW! Love all of the photos and I am curious to know if you found that meal...All of you previous posts escaped my attention for some busy christmas reason , saying now I love your painting, so much, You are the most clever girl on the block! Hope your chrimbo was swell!