Monday, 22 September 2008

In A Rush

I rushed in yesterday with weird pictures of pencil sharpenings and not much else.
Today I want to explain why I am here in blog land but the more I think about it the less I think I can explain. I want to share my creative work and have been really inspired by the many blogs I have been visiting since I discovered this wonderful world. When I work it out I will put links to these! I particularly love Suzi Blu and Vanessa Valencia (A Fanciful Twist)
(Oh, and the one practical reason for starting now is so that I can join in with Vanessa's Halloween party on the 18th October!)

I think I will just start gently with a few pictures and captions and hope to find my way.
I have put this little video up because I love this spider. It never gives up. Last weekend it got knocked to the ground, I tried to rescue it and put it somewhere out of the way of big feet. It played dead for about two hours. Then it reappeared in its favourite spot-above our bin, outside the back door and attached to the guttering and the garden table. It is a very silly place as there is fairly constant traffic. But this doesn't stop it!

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