Saturday, 26 January 2019


A lovely day out with Linda Sue. She first view is from her Vauxhall flat, of yet more new buildings. I love the pattern of windows on high rises, and these two are at least a warm colour. The whole place is a building site at the moment. 

 So much to look at here. These beautifully worn wooden planks caught my eye. Part of a market stall I think.
 On the same lorry as these smoothly rusty poles. 
Bargain silver and EPNS all jumbled together in a tempting pile. In the middle is the tiniest sporting cup I ever saw.
 A jumbly tumble of fruit boxes. 
 This bear is so funny. He has obviously had a very hard life but has not given up yet. He has been loved enough to have had 90% of his body replaced by knitting!


PixieMum said...

What is happening to that crochet granny square blanket, I do hope it wasn’t being dumped.

I travel into Waterloo station and from Clapham Junction and especially around Vauxhall am amazed at how the landscape has changed, the collection of cranes and the new blocks of flats frequently with no other views than more flats, at one time a quick glance out of the train window and I could identify where we were, no more, my city is changing.

jabblog said...

You find beauty in the most mundane of things - I do admire you for that.

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