Monday, 1 March 2010

Sounds of the City

I went for a listening walk with my class today. All we could hear were cars, lorries, motor bikes and aeroplanes. One bird, battling against the mechanical sounds. In the end I resorted to talking about the different types of car sounds-the diesel engine of a taxi, the sound of a car which needed a new exhaust. In the afternoon we had to take the second group out while the older children were still at play, so cars were almost drowned out by noisy, really noisy, children. Oh to live in the country (sometimes!) The sun was out though which meant we could look at shadows and be warm. A bonus!
The tree at the top of the hill, at the back of the school site. It has seven trunks all starting really low down. You can get in the middle of them.
Nothing to do with listening. Drying roses in a tin. I love the colours. I am wondering about using them in a collage.
Last of all-have you seen this photo blog? The Selby Is In Your Place. Todd Selby is the photographer behind it. It is amazing if you love to have a nose into other people's surroundings. I saw it in an article in a Sunday paper a while ago, and have been gradually exploring. If you click on the main photo for each post it reveals loads more of that interior-studios, houses, apartments, workplaces-and each of those photos enlarges for more delicious detail. It is great!
Hope your Monday was a good one.


ADonald466 said...

It's not always quiet in the country - tractors are very noisy things, horseboxes with rackety exhausts - even the sheep are very noisy! But on the other hand, some days all you hear is birdsong ..... I've had a quick look at Selby - I've popped it in my favoutites for a better look later.

Sonia ;) said...

Oh that is very cool Sarah. Never thought of just sitting outside and listening. I will today if weather permits. Love dried flowers. Going to go check out the website.


KindredSpirit said...

they go on listening walks in my school and more than once I have been identified by my heels at some distance. I have a very quick and efficient walk apparently!!! Love the leg on the green background.
The selby blog is compulsive - HOW SMALL are the japanese apartments????

kendalee said...

Funny you should mention this because when I was walking to work this morning I heard a bird singing really loudly and it was noticeable for being unusual. It was good. I love that picture of the tree trunks (with blue sky!) We had some lovely sunshine today and it was the first real taste of Spring... heavy snow forecast for later this week I believe though, Weird.

The Selby is great! I do so love a peep into people's homes... love it!

Candace said...

Enjoyed this. We have snow again! Just like they said. Snow has its own sound doesn't it? It's quiet and yet the muffling of sound is loud in itself.
Love those roses, Sarah! Gorgeous colour. And thanks for The Selby. I will be checking him out even more... I like seeing how others live, their spaces, etc.

Take care and tell those kids to settle down! HA.
Candace x

Lynne said...

I bet at least one of your children will remember that listening lesson and will listen out for blown exhausts! A useful lesson I would say.
I've noticed the birds singing more now.

Yiota said...

There are some birds around here but city noises are always louder I'm afraid! I'm looking forward to this weekend visit to my village where I'll hopefully manage to hear some birds telling me spring is nearly here.

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I think it's cool that you take the little ones out for a walk to get fresh air and listen to the world as it spins. Love the photo of the dried roses! :-)

Rachel Fox said...

I came via Kat. Some lovely photos on here but those drying roses are special.