Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bye Little Car and Other Bits and Pieces

Here is Antony, about to drive away in my little Nissan Micra. His car, which I now own, is the black one on the left. I had a terrible hangover this morning (birthday drinks for my friend Clare last night), so was later than I intended setting off to my Mum's house to do the swap. Then, having arrived safely I was recovering before having some lunch, when I swore out loud, inadvertently, because I had left the log book, my cheque book etc in the hall at home-it was all ready to go, but I forgot to pick it up! So, about an hour and a half later, I drove my car back to London, followed by my brother and we did the exchange here! We had a drive around tonight in the new car, and I am getting the feel of it, but driving very slowly while I do so. It is slightly wider and slightly longer than the micra so I want to get to work early tomorrow to secure a parking space requiring no skills to get into!
I kept my little bear keyring. He is so old his stuffing is coming out.
I love this wrapping paper I bought for Clare's present-I have a piece left and might frame it.
Tulips from a lovely shop just up the road from here. It has beautiful flowers, plants, candles, soaps, flower lights, little hand made things, and does beautiful seasonal displays. It smells gorgeous too and has great cards and wrapping paper(see above) It is called Passion Flower-so if you are in the area of Blackheath Standard ever-go and visit!
Tulips displayed in lovely dark green charity shop vase, on the free trunk in the hall! I have never had somewhere to put flowers in the hall before-how exciting!
The painting is from Greenwich market-years ago. It is of a courtyard somewhere hot-I love the mysterious feel to it and the chipped and battered edges. It is on a piece of hardboard. As I think about it, I have quite a number of (bargain) original works of art, bought over the years, mainly in Greenwich. I shall do a post one day on them.
The thing next to the girl is some kind of dog, but looks odd. An odd dog.
Here is a 2 second snippet of my car leaving home today! Hope your weekends were good and
your week is even better!


jabblog said...

Nice chatty post, Sarah. Some wrapping papers are so beautiful - it's a good idea to frame a piece.
I hope you enjoy your new car - I'm sure Little Panda Bear will. I shall have to take a photograph of my ungainly bunch of keys!

Linda Sue said...

I Hate goodbyes...Little faithful car going off on new boy adventures...sad . Your spiffy black car is quite a gem, however. You could be a secret agent in that car and be all mysterious and wear a fedora...
Curious how do you get snippets like that on blog?

KindredSpirit said...

ahhh bye bye car! I love the film snippet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you tell me you were getting rid of the car? If so I must have been vey vey squiffy as i don't remember!

ADonald466 said...

I know what you mean about parking - since I inherited Malcolm's car, I keep getting out of it and finding that I am sticking out of the parking space!! I love the stories of your bits and pieces - and I would frame the wrapping paper too!

snoopydog said...

Lovely post. I think it's always exciting to get a new car. You're like me with the keyring. I have a Jellycat 'scruff cst', that is sooo old and yeucky, but I can't part with it. I really like what I can see of that picture too; very atmospheric. Have a great and less busy week. Ros

kendalee said...

Happy new car day to you!!! Hope your first day in to work with her was a good one and that you have many, many happy times together... :)

Loving the tulips and doesn't that chest look great in your hallway?

Poetikat said...

Your new black car looks like my beloved Echo. I'm glad you kept the keyring.
Your neighbourhood looks lovely - very smart.

I love tulips and yours look fantastic on the trunk (also like the "girl with odd dog" picture). I just like EVERYTHING!

You have a good week too!


Sonia ;) said...

You have been busy. Congrats on the new vehicle..wootwoot....Love the tulips...and the lil vid is hysterical Sarah ...LOL