Saturday, 27 March 2010

Trip To Rye

Today I visited Rye with Chinmoyee. We both enjoy a good hunt around the second hand shops, and I also wanted to do a longer journey in the car. The car is lovely! It is like driving on air. It can overtake up hills!
In this curved wooden building on the left, was the strangest collection of things. It was a shop-I think, but was arranged like a gallery. It had huge skulls, a horse model for portraits-which was a frame like a school gym horse, with a strange wooden head attached. It had huge aluminium lights. A stack of aluminium chairs and a green wooden door with a heart cut out. There were four American tourists having an obscure conversation and ignoring my presence. (I wanted to get past!) There were little number cards on some things and little sold signs on others. The skinny ex-model looking type who told me off for taking photos-she rushed over to tell me-obviously did not take me and my friend seriously as potential buyers. I did force a smile out of her as we left-politeness always wins! It was great and fascinating and mysterious.
After visiting here we then proceeded to visit more normal antique shops, where a number of items were purchased by both of us. We had a great self-justifying conversation on the way home, along the lines of how neither of us needs anything we bought, but we just like it. Don't put me on Question Time ever, is all I can say! I have also just got (though ordered ages ago), the Sibella Court book 'etc.' I started to read it last night and a quote early on struck me, because I agreed with it so strongly. She says 'I see in still life'. Yes! I do too! Hurray for people who collect stuff and then write about it for me to enjoy!
The photo I sneaked before being told off.
Pretty glassware in one of the other shops.
Cooking with jazz looks fun.
Who will buy this felt monkey if I don't? Nobody. So I had to. He is sitting behind me at the moment in his little fez, looking very pleased with himself and his new situation. He is very solidly stuffed. (Interesting to you only if you make dolls or stuffed toys I would think!)
This photo is in a brilliant shop containing mainly kitchen things-kitchenalia-that word is a bit ridiculous I always think. It is a very well organised shop, run by a very friendly lady. I cannot resist things in there. I bought a beautiful tapestried bag and a tin of concentric oval biscuit cutters. It is a hugely satisfying object. (well objects) Heavy, metal, slightly rusty, geometric, movable, mathematical. The list of its lovable qualities could go on and on.
Oh yes-and a trivet! I remember this kind from chemistry experiments at school.


Linda Sue said...

WHAT- no photos? what's that about? Sometimes with ameericans you have to just push them over- they can be dense material, you know. British are polite and subtle, that does not always work with americans, sometimes it requires a hammer...I so agree with you - the monkey - the best of the lot! I would not have been able to pass him up either.What a fun post! Fun to be taken along with you inspite of "no photos" ... cow!

jabblog said...

I haven't been to Rye for years and years - lovely place.
I like your photos - particularly the coloured glass and all those stoneware jars. You have to feel sorry for small-minded people - eventually. Poor skinny ex-model type probably isn't living her dream life.
Glad to hear you're enjoying your new car - a little more power goes a long way ;-)

Sam said...

Love that white wooden windmill and curved building - sounds very strange inside!

Love the tour of the kitchenalia (didn't know that was a word - thank you for the education there!) and knick knacks - it sounds like you've been enjoying yourself in your new car!!

Your new header is gorgeous by the way too - hope you're well Sarah and that the weather is warming up a bit!!

P.S. Yes! Molesworth is a fave (I have the "Complete Molesworth") as is St Trinnians and best of all, his cat books!! Searle is one of the best, isn't he?

KindredSpirit said...

I love Rye - been loads of times. I have often thought I would love to live there but it's pricey!!!! Love the pictures, especially the coloured glass one - that is great!!!

ADonald466 said...

I once had a car that I could only overtake in if I was going downhill with the wind behind me!! (but we did manage to fit a cooker in the back.....) Love the monkey!

ArtSparker said...

I like the expression of slight anxiety on the monkey's face, as if he is blessed with a little too much intelligence.

Mar said...

you take the coolest trips and see the neatest things!