Friday, 12 March 2010

Wonderful Friday

Due to various late night working sessions-back to the holiday inn-until 10.30! I am a teacher, not a business woman for goodness sake! But, due to these, and other long days of filling in a huge self-assessment form, I have got a whole day of PPA today and another one to come. I have a confession-I may not get a lot of work done today as life is calling me to do lots of other things-buy birthday presents, collect a new member of the household, catch up on washing, finish two tiny quilts, ring the car insurance company, pander to the every whim of two cuddly cats, try to make some edible food for Andy tonight and whatever else I can cram in after three weeks of extremely busy times at work, and a week of sorting and cramming things into spaces I have had to create. Thanks for all your lovely comments over the last week on everything-I love reading them and they mean lots too me. I will get around and visit at the weekend! This morning's post is just to share a lovely idea from Yiota in Greece-Shells Bells Flowers and Showers, for next week-a week of inspiring words-which sounds great and just what I need. Art and inspiration have been in short supply over the last few weeks as time has been filled in other ways. Please visit Yiota if you would like to join her!


Tracy said...

What a week, Sarah! And I'm very curious about what the "collect a new member of the household" is... a new pet, a kitty maybe?! Did I miss something in a previous post? I must go back and look. Yiota's word event is lovely...a great way to create and be inspired in the moment. Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

ADonald466 said...

Hi Sarah- new family member .... could this be a kitten? (of course knowing you it could be a heron!!) Hope you and Andy have a super weekend, love, Anne

Lynne said...

I look forward to hearing about and seeing your newest member to the household. Should take your mind off the busy time you've been having.
Yes sponsored pot holes don't sound as though they would work in the UK, but Mike thought it sounded typically German when I told him what you'd said.
Enjoy your (no doubt) busy, but fun? weekend.