Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Words of Inspiration-Colour

Colour-another obvious one maybe, like nature, but it does inspire me! Visual stimulation in the form of delicious colour is what I crave and love. I have favourites-that often come in pairs-turquiose and vermillion, turquoise and brown, violet and yellow-green. I love colour names that I had in paint tins when I was young-Rose Madder, Burnt Umber, Sienna, Ultramarine. Such evocative names. When I am looking at colours I like, it is a kind of satisfaction comparable to drinking or eating-but only certain kinds of food-a crisp apple or a sweet plum. The word delicious often comes to mind when I think about colour, and I like the way some colour names are linked to food-lemon yellow, chocolate, coffee, orange, salmon pink, peach, cream, plum, mint green. My favourite part of painting is mixing the colours-and finding those strange colours that I didn't set out to make but which just happened. So much variety. So many combinations.
One last thing-when I googled colour earlier I found this-a fascinating guide to html and colour.
Oh well, enough rattling on for tonight. I have a kitten to play with! Visit Yiota for more inspiring words.
Kitten update-things are going unbelievably well! At one point this evening all three cats were lined up at the food bowls. At another point the kitten jumped within centimetres of Tiger who only gave her a bad look, didn't even hiss. At the moment all three are being quiet and relaxed at various points around the sitting room. I still cannot decide on a name-Toffee and Alice both occurred to me tonight. Andy poo pooed Toffee but looked interested in Alice. Earlier he suggested Buster! I think it might be Alice.


Deirdra Doan said...

Sweet spring like...and your class looks cute..

Lynne said...

Well fancy that! I have just been reading your comment on my post for yesterday (thank you), while waiting for my photos to upload onto todays post on colour! What a coincidence.
I like your paint palette photos, something reminiscent about them.
Great that the kitten is settling in. Nice name Alice.
Not long before you are on holiday and able to spend more time with your felines.

ADonald466 said...

Oh lovely to see all those glorious colours on a rather dreary morning!!

just said...


aimee said...

what a way to start my morning! such yummy, delicious color - i want to swim in it!

Candace said...

YUMMO on those colours, Sarah. Perfect for what is a sadly gray wet day here.

And Alice is a perfect name for that little miss. Curiouser and curiouser her eyes seem to say in the photos you've shown us.

How good of Tiger to not beat her up at the food dish... !
Take care. Your photos as always are wonderful!

KindredSpirit said...

love the pots of paint. I ma getting more into colour in my old age. have recently bought some right jazzy clothes - you will be amazed, being used to seeing me in black!

What happedned to Lupin as a name? I liked that one

Allegra Smith said...

Yes, color! some times I equate color with well being, muted when a bit down, vibrant when things are great. I cannot imagine a life in black and white, although there is still that old chestnut about both being colors. I don't care and I cannot imagine a happy day painted entirely with black strokes.

Rainbow gravel is the tiniest of all gravels available and when dry is grey and when wet shows several colors. I have no idea what do you call that in the UK.

Here is to a colorful weekend and to the kitty girl. I like Alice, I also like MoonChild to then call her Moon.

jabblog said...

I like the first photograph of the child painting the tulips. Children's paintings and drawings are very special. I made a scrapbook of my first child's artbut it got lost in one of our moves. Subsequently I was too busy . . . sadly. I like 'Alice' for your kitten - very Lewis Carroll ;-)