Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Little Things

A small selection of things that made me happy this week...
 A tulip on my delicious coffee, at the end of a lovely meal with Andy when out on Saturday.
 Morning sunshine on the thermometer by the back door. 
 A man at Marble Arch feeding pigeons. There were lots of people bustling around and he just sat there in the middle of it all peacefully being with birds.
 Seeing this horse head sculpture again. We were at Hyde Park for a music festival which was fun.
 Sunset the other night as I was coming home.
Taking photos on the way home from work yesterday. This is Wapping High Street, a very interesting road.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Work and Play

After going to the tip the other morning, when driving back,  I turned away from a massive queue and explored new streets. I roughly knew where I was, but was happy to find myself at the top of one of the many hills around here, looking down over London on a beautiful morning. I parked and wandered around to take a few photos for Bleeding London. (An activity which, although play, involves some effort so counts as work in a sense). This allotment was next to where I parked, and the photo I chose for that road was the one below the sunflower picture as I thought it was more interesting, but I did love those sunflowers. 
 There was indeed a big pile of manure behind the gates. You can just see the river below in the distance.
 This was the other photo I took and used on that day. I just loved that tree!
This is a page from my current journal. I was using a black pen with water and drew this girl and wolf. Then I gave her a ship necklace as I have seen so many ships in the last week. 
 Then today (no work again-I did ring to check) I played with the picture in photoshop along with a ship photo from the other evening when I met my friend from work for coffee before walking back to the car along the river, and seeing one of the last ships left.

I used Kim Klassen textures and saved loads of versions, and these two are the two I like best.

Yesterday was a good first day, finished off nicely by seeing this amazing dog painting on a building near the DLR. I thought about putting it on Bleeding London but when I checked it was there (unsurprisingly) and only put on recently.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Crochet and Cats

I decided to crochet a Kachina doll. So far I have done the head, face and collar and am working on the headdress now. 
Having finally tidied the bedroom yesterday I rearranged the very important cat sleeping and viewing the street area. There is still a lot of stuff in there but at least it is reasonably organised. Cassie likes the basket I found and filled with one of the woolly baskets. She crammed herself in there for most of the day.

I made these granny square slippers last week, following a pattern on The Purl Bee. It was an easy pattern to follow. I find the slippers slightly too wide but am not sure how to make them narrower. If I do less rounds on the squares then they would just be too small. Maybe if I use a smaller hook it would work.
This is Lily holding my hand. She loves to do this sometimes-she deliberately puts her paw on your hand then stays like that. She likes the top of her paw being gently stroked. It is so sweet!
Tiger likes to curl up next to the wall at the point in the afternoon when it catches the sun. In the morning she sleeps perilously close to the edge of the decking.
Today has turned out to be the last day of my extended holiday, as I have a booking for tomorrow! I am quite excited though a little nervous. It is at a school in Poplar so I am going to leave nice and early just in case. I am covering PPA in Nursery and Reception. Wish me luck!

Monday, 8 September 2014

River Views

By Monday night Sunday always seems so far away! Even when you have not worked all day but have had time for a walk, some crochet and some pottering around. I tried to work today but there was nothing. Which made me rejoice although I am sure I should be worrying about money but I am not-yet. Anyway, these photos are from the walk Andy and I had yesterday. We parked at Sainsbury's and did the shopping, then walked to the dome, around the dome, around it a bit further, until at last we got to, you guessed it, more boats! But it was not just the boats, the whole walk was lovely. Living near the river is one of my favourite things about this area. Yesterday was so busy on the Thames path, and in some spots we moved along at a shuffle. We went almost to Greenwich, then back through streets that two years ago were wasteland and industrial areas, and are now new and fancy flats. We were on the way to a lovely pub where we thought we might have lunch, but it was so busy we had crisps and a drink (shandy, my favourite refreshing pub drink when I can't really drink) then got the bus back to the car. 
I like the colours of this little boat. 
The barrier lights were green. 
Picturesque warehouse across the river. 
The cable car, advertising a view of Melbourne!
I had to zoom in on these flowers to see what they were. (Evening primroses I think) This pier seems to have been deliberately left to grow wild. I really like that.
Canary Wharf dwarfing the little row of old houses in front. 

Only 91/2 miles to Waterloo!
Another lovely colour combination seen on a boat. 
This diver carrying historical man I found disturbing! He was blowing bubbles. I wish I had taken more notice whether the dangly legs are false and it is only one man-I think that must be the case.
More boats...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Smaller Things

All seen on my various walks this week...
A Small Copper butterfly in Greenwich Park. 
A toadstool/mushroom. Not sure what kind, also in the park. There were loads of them. 
I think this is a puffball. It looks a bit evil. 
A Ruddy Darter dragonfly in the Greenwich Penisula nature reserve. 
A Bluebottle fly on some fluffy seedheads. Living very close to the dragonfly. 
A Magpie strutting across the grass on West Parkside. He is going to be my photo for that road. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

More Big Boats

Beware of the dangerous grass!
More ships in Greenwich. I have been there today too and have yet more pictures! They look so lovely on the river there. They should be there all the time I think.

I would not want to be the man up the top of that mast!