Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mini Holiday

We had a long weekend in York, where we were staying with our friends, who have recently moved up there. It was a relaxing time, with walks, pubs, cafes and a little light, craft based shopping. I took loads of photos, so have divided them into different categories. This post is the local area, near where our friends live. Beautiful houses and interesting quirky gardens, hedges, fences and windows. 

I love the caterpillar hedge!
This is the Burton Stone. The holes were apparently filled with vinegar during the time of the plague so money could be exchanged safely. Before that it was thought to have been the base of a cross which formed a city boundary marker. It is at the end of Burton Stone Lane where our friends live. It looks like a giant skull.

This is such a beautiful house. We walked past it each day. It looks very French to me.
Here's the caterpillar again! The features are pieces of plastic. 
An angel in a window near the football ground. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Journal-July and August

I worked for three weeks for Arty Party this holiday. The theme was 'under the sea', hence the fantasy fish. 

 A costume from this book.

 Letters from a bag of them bought in Deptford market. As part of the decluttering I am using things I have kept, to use but not used. If you see what I mean!
 I have been reading this book too, and it has made me want to draw. I always start drawing with the intention of doing it every day, then never do, but the book is inspiring me. I enjoyed drawing the police van. I never realised how many numbers and information is written on the back of them. I watched all the police officers coming back one by one with their lunch. They were parked for about the same length of time as me, while I waited for Andy.
 One of our garden chairs. Difficult underneath to draw!
Yellow hippo in a pot of small detritus from the shed. All still out there apart from him who got special house privileges because I drew him.

 Tiger on bright brusho background. 

 This is the corner of the neighbour's house. 

 This girl's cloud head is copied from somewhere, but her lightning dress is all my own idea!
 The cats have a new huge deluxe scratching post which Cassie loves. She sleeps on the very top where she is more or less level with our heads!
 I keep wool in the two holes in the bottom. The cats don't like those so they are very useful.
 Brusho with embossing powder. That was my messy half hour tonight!


I wanted to make a present for my friend and liked this cute owl bookend in a magazine. I enlarged and cut out the pattern, then started to make my owls. As is often the case I have found, the instructions were unclear, unillustrated and unfathomable. This resulted in two unsatisfactory owls with weirdly large and unsightly beaks. I took the beaks off them and thought I would just add other, smaller beaks. But when I woke up this morning it had all become clear! The way that the beak is made is by folding the top of a cone onto which you have already sewn the beak. A couple of simple illustrations or two slightly longer sentences in the instructions would have made this clear to me on the first attempt. Anyway, I decided to make two new owls, as I wanted them to look better as they are for a present. I ended up making another one for me too, so now I have three.
 They are meant as bookends and sand was suggested as the weight. I only had plastic pellets so mine are not very heavy. They could be pincushions though. or just stand on a shelf. I hope she likes them anyway! My one has lavender in and smells delicious.
 This is the second one I made, and by this point I had realised that you fold the top over the front. So when I took the beak off of this one, the pattern on the fabric worked for the beak. The other one is still beakless!

 To make the ears I used stranded embroidery thread, folded a number of times then sewn into a tassel. Then you need to tease out the strands. All it said in the magazine was to use embroidery thread. I like the effect of the mixed colours. The one below has been teased but not trimmed.

 Here are the ones for my friend, not holding up some bird and nature books. (The books are standing up on their own) I could lay my hands on the bird and nature books easily since my big book sort!
 My lavender owl has found the owl page. He has now realised that he bears little resemblance to a real owl, but he doesn't care because he smells so good. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Horizon Fairy

A pack of fairy cutouts from the pound shop, a nice drawing pen, and half an hour in Sainsbury's carpark while Andy shopped, and Horizon Fairy appeared. Starting at the top left of the skyline and the top left of the fairy I drew the shapes, starting again underneath each line as I ran out of room. 
I then played around with a scan of her in photoshop, having to redraw some of the lines so the paintbucket would not fill the whole picture. I was aiming for a kind of aerial perspective feel. 

 Fun and cheap entertainment!
In the third from bottom line you can see two towers which are from the school I have been working at, a massive Victorian building on a hill.