Friday, 19 March 2010

Tabitha Tabby and how to look strange in a carpark

Either I didn't like Andy's suggestions of a name for the kitten, or he didn't like mine, and despite all the lovely suggestions, none of them seemed quite right. Then tonight, Andy suddenly suggested Tabitha-Tabby for short-which seemed just right! So now we have Tiger, Lily and Tabitha. She has been so funny tonight-rushing up under the crochet blanket on the settee, looking madly through the holes as she attacks my knee, and attacking Andy's toes. She is so hungry all the time too-eating her food, the other two's food and trying to eat mine! She looks so demure here though!

These are sentimental photos from inside my car, on the last day it will take me to work. I am buying my brother's car and am going to get it on Sunday. He is having mine-so at least it will still be in the family. He is doing up his house, and didn't want to ruin his not very old car, so was selling it. He has givien me a good deal, so although I will miss mine, it was too good to miss! I shouldn't be so sentimental about a car I suppose, but it is my first one as I only learned to drive about six years ago. Bye bye little Nissan Micra.
View from the window, looking at 'the house' at work. It used to be the caretaker's house in the old days when they were still called caretakers. Now it is a storage facility and extra office/classroom space.


jabblog said...

Tabitha Tabby - nice! She has a very clear 'M' on her forehead, as all good tabbies should. It's amazing how much food a young animal can tuck away, isn't it?
Enjoy your new car!

Janine said...

Sarah, Tabitha is a perfect name for your little kitty!

I would love another kitty but the two I have already demand my attention. I think they think I am momma cat! I think they think I am a playmate! They are way too much so a new kitty would just triple the demand for my attention. How did I get myself into this predicament?

Lynne said...

Tabitha suits her. It sounds as though she is settling in well. I love the fuzzy shot of her.
Exciting to get a new car and as you say, you still have yor old one in the family.

ADonald466 said...

Happy motoring in your new car!

snoopydog said...

That's a great name! Tabitha- Tabby for short suits her! It kind of fits in with the other two pussy names too. She looks so adorable. Sounds like a good deal on the car too. Good to keep it in the family too. At present, my eldest daughter and her boyfriend (also a teacher - in her 2nd year)are buying my son and daughter-in-laws house. She also bought his car six months ago, when he bought my husbands. Hmmm!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Ros

Linda Sue said...

Tabitha? really? Rabbit or Mouse- no? ...Hmmm Tabitha Tabby predictable- she has such interesting markings- a Very pretty girl!Her name should be fabulous!

Gabbi said...

I love her name Sarah! Reminds me of Samantha's daughters name in 'Bewitched'... very appropriate for a cat don't you think. Though yeah, bad stereotype for cats as being pets to witches... :)

Also, wishing you a wonderful new time in your new car.