Sunday, 14 March 2010

Shadows and Ghosts

Little kitten enjoying a sunlit cuddle. We still do not have a name for her. A few ideas are Yoda, Rabbit(me), Lugsy(Andy), (all ear related) and Lupin(Andy's Aunty Maggie) I think I like Lupin best so far. Any good ideas welcome(Thanks Sally-but it isn't going to be Keith!)
Miss Havisham is finished. I added quite a thick layer of wax. I was going to use gold leaf but once the wax was on I changed my mind. I like the ghostly and misty appearance the wax adds to it.
This is what happens to a cardigan when the sleeve gets caught up in the door of the washing machine. Remarkably it wasn't ripped. Or even very stretched. On Saturday we went to the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre to see Ghost Stories. (Review) (I like the name 'shade' for ghost-so there is a shadow link there somewhere) It was brilliant! I was a bit apprehensive after the very scary write up and the warnings not to see it if you are of a nervous disposition. It was scary but deliciously so. Really well done.
This picture is from google street view. There are lots of shadows in it I notice!
We passed BBC Television Centre on our journey to Hammersmith.
Wood Lane station. I love the names of London places-Hammersmith, Wood Lane-they sound so poetic and rural.
This morning was bright sunlight and very good for shadows around the house. I have a feeling I may have posted pictures of my fridge magnets before. They are on the boiler as my fridge is too busy pretending to be a cupboard to trifle with such things.
Kitchen towel shadows.
Late night snack crumb shadows. It took us an hour and a half to get home! The Jubilee line was not running or it would have been a much quicker affair.
Violets-not really on the lawn-more a case of they are the lawn.
Paper and cloth doily shadows. Visit Hey Harriet for more shadows from around the world.


Sylvia K said...

What a great variety of shadow shots for the day! I love the kitten! What a cutie! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for your visit!!


Lori Saul said...

What a beautiful little kitten (Lupin is a wonderful name)- congrats on your new addition! I wanted to also comment on those marvelous photos (spools of thread ,the Peeps and embroidery floss)! They are so pretty when seen 'en masse' like that. Wonderful photo artistry Sarah- love them!

Ralph said...

Any of the names will do, she doesn't ned to wear a traditional cat name, who would?

Miss Havisham has a ghostly appearance, but a friendly one shrouded in a fine mist...I really enjoy the night landscape and the look of the Underground station. Nice shadows, as always!

Lynne said...

She's very photogenic. I agree with Lupin so far.
Who needs a lawn when you can have violets.

Patti said...

cool shadows - I love the night view of the street and BBC Centre (we spell it center here!)

I thought of a name and put it in the comments in the previous post.

Our Rigby is in cat heaven now, Sarah. He was only 3 1/2..

MyMaracas said...

Nice set of shadows. I like the wax effect on Miss Havisham, and Lupin is a good name for your new kitten. Though I like Rabbit, too.

Hey Harriet said...

Wow, some great shadow captures here. And your little kitty is adorable! I like the name Lupin. And Yoda is a fun name. I'm not very good with names. Give your cute kitty a big cuddle from me! :D

parallel-botany said...

Aw, your new kitten is so sweet!

Names...let's see...



Millicent Meow.

Lynne said...

Hi again,
I asked Mike to suggest a name for the kitten. He asked what colour it was. I said 'striped'. So he asked again what colour and I said I thought black and white, so he suggested 'Maggie or Mags'. When I asked why he said 'after the Magpies'. Now when I've re-read your post, I see that Lupin is from Andy's aunt Maggie!
Have Tiger and Lily made friends with her yet?

Anairam said...

I LOVE the ears! (Like Snous's except for the hair ...) I vote for Rabbit - I mean, how cute would it be to call, "Rabbit, Rabbit!" and a cat comes! (Never having had cats, do they actually come when you call? Probably not, hey.)
PS You have inspired me to make a doll! A paper mache doll. She looks a bit odd because I have decided not to paint or decorate her. I might put her on my blog at some stage but truth be told I'm a bit fearful people will laugh.

ADonald466 said...

We once had a neighbour who had a rabbit which was called Cutie (obviously because it was a cute rabbit!) .... so that would combine cat and rabbit!!

Shell said...

Your Miss Havisham is lovely. Like she stepped right out of Great Expectations.
How about the name Moxie?

snoopydog said...

I've somehow missed a couple of posts! I've just caught up to find out about your adorable new kitten. She is so, so, sweet! I think Lupin would be a lovely name for her. Animals are such a great distraction :) She's sooo pretty. Enjoy! Ros

KindredSpirit said...

lupin is great - go with it!!!!!!! I like the pictures. Hope the new furniture is fitting in OK!

Janine said...

Your cute little cat is all Mimsy (or ie) to me. I am still stuck in wonderland, you know all mimsy were the burroughgroves the momeraths outgrabe, etc. I like all the names you listed!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Why not call the kitten Shadow?