Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fish, Flowers, Felines

Tin Fish from Rye.
Imagined flowers-after looking at a book of Chinese watercolour techniques.
Handmade Easter card from my Mum.
Yellow ochre cover of
"A Treasury of Kittens"
which I noticed on the shelves last night.


ADonald466 said...

I love the card from your Mum! It's snowing heavily this morning .....

jabblog said...

Lovely post, Sarah - it has a sense of 'Spring is a new beginning'. I really like Oriental painting - so delicate and detailed and subtle.

Sonia ;) said...

Love them all so sweet and serene to me. Have a great week sweetie xoxoxox

Linda Sue said...

Looks like springtime in your house! Kittens- ahhh. Our last remaining kitty is old, when he goes to the great romp in kitty where ever- I do not think that I'll get another- with him he takes the banister , the carpet, the black leather chair, and the laundry hamper...he has destroyed all of those things.

KindredSpirit said...

love the kitty cover!

Candace said...

Hallooo! Playing catch up with you.
It's 77F here today. Sunny sunny sunny.

Those watercolours are so so rich. You did a delightful job!
The fish is fun, and that's a great little kitten illo there too.
You live such a charmed and packed with fun life. Good!

Take care, dear Sarah.
Candace in Athens x

Relyn said...

I always love the peeks you give us at your wonderful art. You have such talent.