Thursday, 1 April 2010

Perks of home visits...

Perk 1-getting to see interesting local things such as Dave Courtney's house. I first saw this house in an interiors book from the library-it was highlighting all the portraits Mr Courtney has of himself around his house. When Clare lived near here she pointed out where it was, but I could never remember so that I could go back for another look. Yesterday we visited one of the new children who lives nearby, so I took a few photos to show you.
Dave Courtney is famous as an ex-gangster. There is a very interesting article here about him.
Knuckle duster gate decorations.
Watch out!
The house is called Camelot Castle.
It has sentries!
This is the view down the hill-I liked the railings.
The painting on the side of the house is quite impressive.
These two photos look the same but I have a feeling one is larger than the other if you wanted to click to enlarge.
Perk 2-being given a delicious Turkish breakfast in the second house we visited. It was about 11 so I was quite hungry. When we arrived the table was laid and had toast, olives, tomatoes, mince and tomatoes, jam and very delicious cheese. There was also Turkish tea served in little glass cups from a big stainless steel teapot. The tea was poured then diluted with hot water from the jug which the teapot sat on. I had a lovely time!
Our visits today were less eventful but still pleasant. We are supposed to be deciding who to give a full time place to in September, based on the need of the child and family. So far I have wanted to give almost every child a full time place because of different reasons. It is very hard to decide. One little boy we visited today lives with just his Mum in one room in a small terraced house. They use the kitchen and bathroom but their life is in that room. It makes me think how lucky I am. We have more visits after Easter so I have longer to think about it.


Linda Sue said...

Camelot castle, amazing- what a sweet little neighborhood! I think that when my son was young it would not have mattered if we lived in a tiny room or a mansion- a car or a closet. He was happy no matter where we were - his imagination was so big that the physicalities didn't really matter. I hope it is true for the young lad in the small place.

KindredSpirit said...

blimey - you were brave going a snapping his pad! have you seen his girlfriend - she looks like tina turner in mad max.

ahhhh pics bring back memories!

jabblog said...

There's nothing like flaunting your 'profession' (is being a gangster a profession?) but the sense of humour is evident - so long as you didn't laugh at the man himself, presumably!
What a difficult job to have to decide who should get a place and who shouldn't. I hope it all becomes clear by the beginning of next term.

ADonald466 said...

Super fun post! Oh dear - I doubt I could decide either whom to give the places to.
Hope you and Andy have a good holiday eekend, love, Anne

snoopydog said...

Glad I don't have to make decisions like that. How on earth you decide? Enjoy your two week break! Ros

Candace said...

Hope all is well now that the gangsta's crib has been compromised. LOL.
Sarah, I so enjoyed your Home Visit stories. What a lovely treat for that meal and visit but I really appreciated the little boy and his mother, their lives in the one room or so. Incredible.
Sounds like a story or movie, but I know this is a reality for many!

Great Photos! I esp like that pop of purple flowers in one shot.
Candace x