Friday, 16 April 2010

Miscellaneous Things

Miscellaneous thing number one-my friend Kat, of Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes, has been busy putting together a book of her poetry and she did me the honour of asking me to take photos that she could use for the cover. I was outside in my dressing gown over the holiday-when the sun was out in the morning, taking lots of photos of my birds. The book is called 'Shadowstalking' and the photos needed shadows-hence the dressing gown-I didn't want to miss the sun! Have a look at Kat's blog to see her design and also to read some of her poetry. Watch this space for news of the book!
Number two-more journal pages.
Number three-more Cassie-she adopts so many sweet poses every day.
Number four-lovely bird stamp-one of three on a little parcel from Hong Kong. It was from an ebay seller but the packaging was worthy of Etsy! I have discovered something called Re-ment-little tiny things suitable for dolls houses-my parcel today was tiny sushi. When I finally get around to doing anything to the dolls houses I will show all the tiny goodies I have been collecting.
Pictures I like.
Old postcard-photocopied, tracing paper in two layers. Trying to recreate the Anthropologie paper sculpture I saw on my day out with Kenda.
Harder than it looks!
Patchwork with some of the fabric I bought in Rochester and some I already had. I have moved from tiny to medium, and square to hexagon. I realised last night that I do not know how to make a regular hexagon-you know-angles and so on. I feel I should know this kind of thing so maybe shouldn't admit it. I had a feeling that a compass would help, but couldn't remember where one was. The faithful internet came to my aid. My tip for quick reproduction of your basic paper shape is to do one sheet then copy it (if you have that kind of printer that is) This may be obvious but just in case it is not.
Final miscellaneous thing-if, like me, you have long wondered how to make a hole in a piece of glass then wonder no more. Mary, of Working Projects, has done a video explaining that very thing. Now all I need is a drill!


Sonia ;) said...

beautiful photos sweetie...congrats on the photos for the book...


Janine said...

I love your photos! You sure keep busy don't you! Seeing Cassie makes me want another kitten but then I remember how my two adult cats follow me at every step and jump onto my bed at all hours of the night and wake me (it is rare when I get a good nights sleep, I can't remember when I had one since having these two around). Adding one more would really drive me bonkers!

Lynne said...

How exciting, to be part of a book.
Cassie always looks so contented and at home as though she has lived with you for years. That's a beautiful shot of her.
I agree with Janine, I often get the impression that you are always busy with something, and that you are never short of ideas.
Have a great weekend.

Lynne said...

I've just visited Poetikat's blog and I love the cover of the book. There's something reminiscent about it. I think it would make a nice design for fabric too.

Anonymous said...

You always have a great collection of photos - and well done on the book! I have come across mentions of hexagons on several blogs recently, so had decided to do a hexagon pincushion for next Tuesday's Tutorial - being a quilter, I have hexagon templates, but after reading your post, maybe I should include how to draw one from scratch!!

Americana Lady @Americana By Candlelight said...

Like the shadow you created. Joan