Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Doll, Old Doll, New Cats, Old Cats, Renewed Flowers

This doll was only vaguely planned, and is coming along in a way that makes me laugh. She has boots which I painted the shade of orange of the legs and beaks of Oyster Catchers . I have not got an exact idea of how I am going to fix her together, but it will involve wire, long needles and buttons. I realised that she is actually a 'dolly-bird', reincarnated from the 1970s in weird form. She now has two faces and is awaiting assembly. More pictures when this has been done.
The tulips suddenly opened today-the third day of pretty good sunshine.
My big bowl of sempervivums which survives from year to year with little interference. The bowl is copper-bought from TK Maxx years ago and with a few holes punched in the bottom has made a good container.
The old doll of the title is Edna, who returned home a couple of weeks ago. I find it weird that my doll has flown all the way to America, had a fun time at a photo shoot, and then flown all the way back to England and eventually made it back here! I feel a bit jealous. Of a doll. Is that normal?
Here is Cassie, posing in an unbelievably cute way. She is on an old bathroom mat that I took off the line today. She loves having it on the floor as part of her own personal gym, which consists of two cat scratching posts, and my computer chair, amongst other things. So I have to leave it there for the minute. I had been using it to soak up the water from my washing machine which is leaking. It is leaking because a hole was made in the rubber seal by my cardigan that got caught in it a couple of weeks ago. It is really annoying. I didn't fully realise the massive importance of the rubber seal to the smooth operation of a washing machine. I do now.
Old Cat, New Cat, Old Cat
Tiger, Cassie, Lily
I did a watercolour of Connie, my beautiful first cat. She was black and had a sweet and gentle personality.
I made an embroidery of Boris, our second cat. She was tortoiseshell, fat, jealous and so funny!
So far I have not done a picture of Tiger and Lily-apart from photos. I had this idea to do a mosaic of their noses-but have yet to take good enough photos of each one. They all have such pretty noses I think!


Anairam said...

Edna - the World Traveller. I am jealous of her too ... Instead of jetsetting across the globe I have to sit with my nose stuck about 2 inches away from a page (this despite wearing my reading glasses) and wielding a red pen. Did I mention there are 400 pages? Oh Edna, I want your life ...
PS The journal pages below are great. I love the Ofili-inspired one especially!

Candace said...

I really love the shots of the cats noses... a triptych if ever there was one is waiting there.
Good old Edna. You must entice her to give up her world tour secrets!
Those flowers are gorgeous.
Take good care this week.

Linda Sue said...

Edna is utterly charming! LOVE her and the fancy boots of the birdy girl- ooolala- strutting!
I swear cassie is the cutest kitten EVER! I want to marry her...
Mosaic of kitten noses- novel idea . I did a pig nose on a plate one time, it was not nice.
Edna rocks! She is queen of the universe!

Johnny Nutcase said...

Nice post...Cassie is quite adorable, definitely! Cute pictures! The doll sounds interesting! I am a fan of oystercatchers so i can appreciate your thinking there! :)

snoopydog said...

Do you know, I just love Edna! I adored her the first time I saw her here and in the photoshoot pic. She looks like a really interesting person to get to know. Cute little cat noses too! Looks like you had an interesting and sunny walk around the Lewisham rivers area. Enjoy the rest of the hols. Let's hope the sun keeps shining. Ros

Sam said...

Ooooh! Cat shnozzles - so sweet! And your little one striking a pose of the little rug - what a cutie!

Love your garden update and Edna - will we get to see the portrait of your Connie?

Paula said...

I would so be jealous of Edna if I were in your shoes as well! Not weird at all.
Your cats noses are lovely. Makes a great collage.

Poetikat said...

So you're jealous of Edna's whirlwind tour, are you? Sounds all right to me!

(Cassie is adorable! We call those the froggie-legs around here.)

I can't wait to see the Oyster-catcher "dolly-bird"!


frayedattheedge said...

Love your dolly bird - looking forward to seeing her finished. Yes, even I think that is a cute picture of Cassie!!

Linda Sue said...

by the way if you did not get back to my bloggishness - the blue and black bird is a stellar jay- about the size of a crow.
What is Edna made of- must be sturdy stuff to travel so far so well! She is delightful!

Christina said...

hi sweetie!
oh isn't she adorable. striking the cutest pose. : )

aimee said...

welcome home edna! she is such a cutie!

jabblog said...

I love the way your projects develop a life of their own:-)
I agree with you about cats' noses - they are very pretty.

kendalee said...

Those little back paws on the mat make me all delighted and gooey with cuteness! And I'm LOVING the development of the dolly bird... she's fabulous!

I'm heading off to work now (yurgh!) but your holiday posts are helping to keep me happy this week - thank you! :)

EG Wow said...

I feel jealous of your doll too. :-)

I love the idea of making a planter of a copper bowl that you made holes in the bottom of.

Allegra Smith said...

Ah the malice of inanimate objects or in this case of washing machines.
Remember my latest back surgery? All because of a washing machine "walking"? (and my stupidity by leaving the cachepot on top of it, but the cachepot wouldn't have moved by itself, right?)

I love the three graces, so adorable and Cassie is growing fast, isn't she? I am dying to hear about your visit today and I envy you the good envy for being there. Cannot wait for photos. Take care of yourself, dear.

ArtSparker said...

I am curious about the new doll.

Robyn said...

Hello Sarah :)

I have an invitation for you to join myself and others in a creative project that may be of interest to you.

For more details I have posted the invite on my blog for you to read.

Thank you
I hope you can join us
Best wishes

KindredSpirit said...

we once had to replace our whole kitchen floor due to a missing washer/rubbery thing. i was not amused. At least teh insurance paid out.