Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shadows, Craft and Ash

This is the result of my first two lessons in photoshop elements from Kim Klassen , in a great class she is doing. I heard about the class through Christina , and am so glad I did, as it is just what I wanted. Already the mysteries of photoshop are slightly clearer. This is two shadow shots put together in one image, through the magic of layering and changing opacity. I love the effect! For more shadow shots visit HeyHarriet here.
Today was the second craft day with Clare and Cleo-at my house this time. Cleo is making a very sweet 3D picture which will incorporate three of these little felt mice and a tiny book she is going to make. It is a present for her friends' baby. She batiked the fabric for the dress yesterday.
Mummy mouse and Baby mouse.
I continued with my quilting.
Clare did this lovely bird painting and a few journal pages. She works fast! She brought her little journal from Berlin to show us-have a look here..
The batik before being cut up.
The blue sky is to illustrate the lack of aeroplanes as the volcano continues to send its ash our way. I have been amazed this week by the fact that every news report I have heard, apart from one this morning, has not even mentioned the actual people of Iceland and how it may be affecting them. I know the fact that we have no planes flying is big news, but to not even mention it seems so completely egocentric.
This is the volcanic ash on my car this morning-can you see the glittery effect?


Linda Sue said...

I am so curious about photoshop- I really need a class because all i know how to do is crop and make circles...Cool what you did!
Love the little mousies in their beautiful clothes... such a brilliant colour, Invisible to cats.

Ralph said...

The 'mice' and colorful fabric is wonderful for a baby - not that the newborn notices such things, but the parents surely do! The Icelandic volcano is wreaking such havoc on travelers across the pond, of course we would hate to be in a foreign land while running out of money. Yikes I'd think if I were affected...yet a sky without contrails must be a nice sight, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I love your shadow shot (maybe one day I'll learn to do such things) the little mice are gorgeous and I'm very impressed with your hexagons - I may even have to get my long-neglected hexagon quilt out!! We are anxiously watching the news about the ash cloud (from a very selfish point of view) as we are supposed to be going to Majorca on Tuesday the 27th!!

Hey Harriet said...

I like your clever photoshopped shadow shot! And those little mice are the cutest things! I know what you mean about the poor people from Iceland not rating a mention on any news reports. I was thinking the same thing last night while watching the news. So it seems that the news reports over here are not so different to yours. It was all about the delayed flights and digruntled passengers...

KindredSpirit said...

Cleo's mice look great - i thought they were bears at first but now i look again they are clearly mice!!!! your quilt is going to work out well

KindredSpirit said...

PS have you seen the latest dolls on mixed media monday

Sweet Repose said...

Cool image...I was living in Colorado when Mt. St. Helen went off, my car and windshield looked just like that...pitted!

Have a great Sunday!

Manang Kim said...

Love those shadow shots!! Happy Sunday!


Sonia ;) said...

I have photoshop for dummies lol.
I was wondering the same thing if Icelandic people were ok? All Ive heard is the airplanes wernt flying.

Have a great week sweetie..The crafts look marvelous.


Candace said...

What a wonderful and colourful post! And I feel like you -- how me, Me, ME! folks are about this profound experience re: the volcano. Iceland as a land mass has always been on borrowed time, and not one person has mentioned the Icelanders.

Goodness, that ash looks like glittering magic in the rays of the sun, however. But those MICE take the proverbial cake.
So sweet and so well done as is everything else.
Take care!
Candace x