Monday, 5 April 2010


Cassie loves the fire. Now she realises not to climb in it but is fascinated with watching the flames go up.
Cassie loves Tiger and wants her to love her back. She is trying to get back in with her just after making her jump by pouncing on her.
Togetherness looking out the front window.
The tiny paint splatter on my desk that my bird is based on. (the chicken the other day was not made by me-I was referring to this bird! Not quite as lovely but it is at an early stage!)
I have used plaster bandage around the head and neck. It is lying next to a page from today. I haven't been doing much in my journal recently apart from making little lists of things to do, or that I have done or seen. I cut out a lot of pictures and interesting articles yesterday from a pile of Sunday magazines. The picture on the left is one of them-I love the green and the cosy look of this room. The green on the window picture opposite is very similar. The starbucks logo is from my lovely chai tea latte yesterday. Lots of Starbucks here.
Violas, a hellebore and antirrhinums-snapdragons. I planted these today-the violas for some colour now, to add to the daffodils and the emerging tulips. It was really cold when I was gardening.
Birds seen in (or over) the garden over the last week or so-woodpecker, wood pigeon, seagull, blackbird, robin, blue tit, starling. The blackbirds and the robin seem to be nesting. It worries me, as they nest quite low down in the ivy, at the back of the garden, and Lily is constantly on the prowl at the moment. Watch out little birdies.


Helen McCookerybook said...

Hi Sarah! Happy Easter!
I bought a nesting box the other day and some blue tits came and had a look, but they haven't been back. Your garden sounds lovely!

Candace said...

Fun post, Sarah. That wide eyed kitten is all kinds of cute. How sweet she wants Tiger to be her "Big Friend".

well, I *still* love that bird -- lol. Can't wait to see more. And I do like that new banner! How can one not like a walk along the sand and water and with a good looking dog, to boot?

Take care, Candace x

Anonymous said...

I love the new banner! We have lost one of our hellebores, and the other has been badly damaged by the winter weather - I think I will have to buy some more, as I love to see them in the garden. We have also lost a large cordyline and the olive tree looks very poorly - oh, and the ceanothus,which I am very upset about, as I love the blaze of blue in the summer .....

Linda Sue said...

Cassie kitten - oH! I just want to nuzzle her! What an adorable little cat! Love what I could see of your rug that the kitties are owning. Curious to see how your bird will turn out- I felted one the other night and put it in a cage, it is well behaved, unlike my REAL one.

Lynne said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks for your comments. I'll call in for a proper read and catch up when I get home. You do seem to have been busy! And the kitten, Cassie? is settling in nicely. The first photo of her is just so sweet and lovely.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

KindredSpirit said...

Cassie is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet - can't wait to meet her Sunday week.

jabblog said...

Cassie is so gorgeous and it's good to see how well she's fitting in with Tiger and Lily.
I like the flowers - well done for braving the cold. It was lovely and warm here yesterday (Tuesday) but dull and drizzly today.

Rattling On said...

Love all the photos, Sarah, but especially the first one!