Friday, 2 April 2010


Things I am making-
Little envelope paintings-I am using the window part of envelopes (and other parts too)-inspired by 'etc'by Sibella Court-a beautiful book I have just read-she talks about glassine envelopes. Even the word 'glassine' is lovely. I don't have any of these special things, but the windows are also glassine, so I have those. Also I have been inspired by my friend Chinmoyee's recent acquisition-some tiny Indian paintings done on old postcards-on top of the writing. The paint is opaque and matt and I thought it might be like gouache paint. So I bought some to try-it is lovely stuff! I have never used it before. It covers really well, dries quickly and is very intense in colour. Like very posh poster paint.
A bird doll-for a challenge on cloth and clay dolls. So far I have made and stuffed the body and head and am having some trouble with the beak. It looks like little legs. I am going to wire it and cover it in plaster bandage-to make it more beak like.
Two tiny quilts-I have just finished these and am going to put one on ebay and one on etsy-and will probably sell neither-but you never know!
Things Cassie needs to learn-
Not to get into the washing machine
Not to drink paint water
Not to sniff candles
Not to get on the worktop
Not to eat the poisonous plant
Things Cassie has already learnt-
That people food is very interesting
That the bed is the place to be
That the big plant is fun and tasty
That getting on the worktop gets you splashed
That Tiger and Lily can be pushed quite far
School jobs-
Mounting Forest School photos for display
Medium term planning
These are eggs from the Easter sale yesterday. There were also many cakes-the ICT room was chocolate heaven at lunchtime as all the cakes were stored in there.


Rattling On said...

Love today's pictures, especially the bird.
Have you ever used cell animation paint? I've seen some things done at school for A level using it. It's very opaque and has a very low viscosity. It's also very vivid. Lovely.

Janine said...

I love all of your projects! That bird is really nice! Is it almost finished?

Thank you for you nice comments on my blog!

I do love the name Cassie, was thinking of painting a Cassandra. Thinking of how I will paint her eyes.

Lori Saul said...

Wonderful projects- I love the tulips on the envelope window-so cool! The Rooster is fantastic; so colorful and a lot of character.. Happy Easter Sarah to you and yours!

KindredSpirit said...

the envelope idea is really fab. i never thought of using the windows from envelopes - you could incorporate them into a larger picture too...! like a frame.

Did you make the rooster completely from scratch????

Sarah said...

Oh dear I have mislead you all! I did no tmake the rooster-only painted him! The bird I am working on is not pictured.

Tracy said...

Hi, Sarah! Loved catching up with all you've been doing lately... and the envelop idea is lovely. So much springtime pretty here... Wishing you & yours beauty & blessing this Easter holiday weekend :o) ((HUGS))

snoopydog said...

I love the envelope art! What a great idea. The window one has just given me a great idea to use at school when we go back. I'll show you the results when we're done. Sound s
like your school was prety similar to ours yesterday. We also had a cake sale and the Easter Bunny arrived with eggs for all the children. Have a good holiday!

ADonald466 said...

Another great post! I like the envelope idea - my little brain is beavering away at an idea to incorporate fabric ....

Anairam said...

SO unfair that I have to work and fall beghind on your lovely posts! Buried Barbies and a new Cassie the Cat and a Celebrity Gangster. Am absolutely inspired by the glassine envelope window paintings. Jeeeezz, Sarah, you will NOT believe it, but about three weeks ago, in a feeble attempt to make Shannon proud of my decluttering mojo, I ditched a heap - a HEAP - of old envelope windows - I used the insides to make notebooks with my new guillotine, but what to do with the windows? I even cut them out neatly with a little frame of paper around the window bit, and thought to myself, there MUST be something I can do with them. But I couldn't think of anything, and so I threw them out. OUT!! And now I want them back. I really REALLY think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Linda Sue said...

I did the same thing as Anairam- de-cluttering- tossed bits that i regret tossing.Oh well, Not like we won't get hundreds more in the post...Love the painting, must try guauche sometime- it's sort of mysterious. Cassie needs some cat nip to make her crazier...great name, by the way!Fun post!

Allegra Smith said...

Hello my dear Sarah,

First an answer: the cabinets are actually Ikea cabinets. They are called Alex and the only thing we did to them was to add the legs as they come with wheels and that wouldn't have suited me for the purpose. I started with a few and now I have 20 which means I have 120 drawers. The upper three are not as high as the lower three and so there is really no waste of space or place for things to hide one under another. I am extremely pleased with them and wait until you see next week how easy it is to organized them. I plan on posting photos of what they hold for those who asked me to.

Love your work as always, and I too have a soft spot for glassine anything, since the first time many years ago when I began to collect heirloom seeds to exchange and found out darling little square glassine envelopes to keep them. They are so wonderful, they soften the edges of whatever they hold. That rooster is adorable, now make sure it stays out of Cassie's way. Happy Easter, dear.

parisa mahmoudi said...

Wowwwww Sarah, the bird doll is sooooo FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robyn said...

i love your creativity

thank you for sharing

Candace said...

WOWZA!!! Love love love all the visual feasting you have so generously spread out before us.
I cannot tell you how I enjoyed this post and I think that bird is funtastic.