Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I had a lovely day out yesterday, doing some of my favourite things-walking around London streets, seeing an exhibition, visiting a beautiful shop or two and, best of all, spending time with a friend. (We were doing all of these things together-I didn't do them first and then meet up with her!) To read a more elegant, and altogether more detailed account of our day, you can visit Kenda here.
I started my wandering at Westminster, past famous landmarks and off along the Thames to the Tate.
At the Tate, I waited to meet Kenda. We had arranged a time and hadn't done anything such as wearing easily identifiable flowers, as we were sure we would recognise each other. We did! It is a little nerve wracking for us shy people to actually meet each other in person but we needn't have worried. As Kenda says, the day flashed past, and before we knew it she was catching her train back to Birmingham.
The view from the steps as I waited.
We saw the Chris Ofili which gave us plenty to talk about!  (If you have wandered here because you searched for Chris Ofili, I would like to add a couple of links for your perusal. (Added 26.7.17) Artsy, a website making art accessible to all with an internet connection. This is their Chris Ofili page.) We had a leisurely lunch at the Tate and then wandered down the river back to Westminster. My favourite days are those without a rigid plan, so our indecisiveness as to our next activity was perfect! We decided to visit Anthropologie. Artistic inspiration is easily found in that shop and we both came away with ideas for future projects!
Next we hopped onto a tube and visited VV Rouleaux in Sloane Square-a shop I have read about but never been to. I loved it-ribbon heaven! Thank you for taking me there Kenda!
I had a lovely day and really enjoyed meeting one of my blog friends for real. It was a worry that in person we wouldn't get on, but thankfully we did. I look forward to the next time!
These shirts caught my eye on the way home.


jabblog said...

So good to hear you had a good day - it is worrying when you meet someone for the first time but perhaps we all worry too much ;-)

Anonymous said...

所有的資產,在不被諒解時,都成了負債 ..................................................

Linda Sue said...

Oh what a great time that i am so envious of! Next time i want to go, too, please. I will just buzz over for the day....Actually when my dog is no more, i can travel - he is a very emotional creature...won't let me go anywhere. What a wonderful meeting you have had!

Lynne said...

Hi Sarah,
I read Kenda's account yesterday and thought what a fun time you both had. How lovely to be able to meet up in person.
I like washing line's full of washing. I've taken photos of them before but they never seem to come out as I want them to.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tracy said...

A taste of London... thank you so much, Sarah! VV Rouleaux--Sloane Square... is one of my most favorite places--definitely ribbon & trim heaven...*swoon*... Glad you had a lovely day. Take us to London anytime. :o) ((HUGS))

ArtSparker said...

sounds wonderful- I know what you mean about anthropologie, I have a friend who goes there just to cheer herself up.

kendalee said...

So nice to see your pictures of the day and relive it through your telling! I especially love the last two - what a great row of shirts. Living where I do, I hardly ever see washing hanging out and there's something very appealing about the look of it. They were obviously taking advantage of the nice weather! I wondered if those little birds would be visible in the VV Rouleaux window with the reflection but they look lovely, don't they? I see that they have a new shop in Marylebone, which I think we might need to check out at some stage too! :)

I hope the work went well! I am not loving being back at mine but at least now it's nearly the weekend... xx

Fotobloggen 2010 said...

Grea London wiews, makes me want to go there again. The last photo with the shirts is great, all blue shirts on a row and the only colorful spot

Christina, sweden

Paula said...

How pretty! I really enjoyed walking around London with you. Thanks for taking us along~