Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Great Dixter

I took so many photos at Great Dixter today. The garden of the late Christopher Lloyd is just lovely.
Here are some of the pictures-if you would like to see more I have just uploaded all of them onto flickr. It is such a beautiful place with so many lovely combinations of colour and shape, that it is hard to resist just one more picture.

This little brick path is so inviting.
"You can choose any tulips you like for pot work" -Christopher Lloyd
Elegant snakes head fritillaries in the grass. I bought a couple of these, in the hope they may survive. Although they look lovely they have a most unpleasant smell-cat's wee! There were so many robins-and other birds-including house martins.

Some kind of exotic plant still in its winter blanket of straw.

This part of the house is a whole other house, that was taken down and transported by horse and cart from a nearby village. It was then left in the garden for a few years before being reassembled in around 1910. The owner at the time bought it for £75!

The very impressive hall-this is a photo of a postcard as we were not allowed to take photos. When we were in there today it had a more wild and woolly feel due to a huge palm and other large houseplants. There was a sweet picture of two dachshunds posed with a string of sausages. There were chairs and settles embroidered by the Lloyd family-Christopher Lloyd's mother made sure all her children were kept busy with this. I also liked the faint mark in the beam above the fireplace-a circle with a line drawn vertically down through it-to keep witches from coming down your chimney!


jabblog said...

How lovely and it looks as if the weather was good too. Is it a converted oasthouse? (I saw oasthouse chimneys in one of your photos)
Going now to look at the rest of your photos :-)

Lynne said...

Sounds as though you had a wonderful time. And the weather looks good too.
The weather when I was in England left a lot to be desired whilst Mike was enjoying sunny warm weather in Germany. When I return to germany, the weather turned foul! But at least today is sunny and warm.

KindredSpirit said...

Gosh I've only been in Berlin for 4 days but there's so much to catch up with! Great Dixter looks lovely.

Tracy said...

...*sigh*... I am in awe and wonderment by it all... Thank you for this lovely outing, Sarah! :o) ((HUGS))

Allegra Smith said...

I just knew you would have fun there!
It is a lovely place and we have very fond memories of it. Is the nursery still open? I was ready to buy and buy pretties until someone reminded me that I was not allowed to bring them home. Even now when we have bought roses from Peter Beales we have to keep them quarantined and buy all kind of certificates and so forth. And I too remember the mark over the fireplace but in my case I thought we should put them over every window we left open in the summer nights ;)

I am so happy for you that you got to go on a sunny day. Back to work for me, much to do and little time to do it. Thank you for the memories and the photos, lovely.

wv: oveshed (as in over shed?)

Rattling On said...

What a great day out. Love those clipped hedges!

ADonald466 said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos - I like the one with the brick path best

Candace said...

Oh fantastic, each and every one! I must come back in the spring next trip over simply so I can visit this place. Gosh, 75 pounds was a lot of money then, maybe but now it sounds "doable"!

Thanks so much for sharing your day trip.
Candace x