Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Things I love about my job...

That it is perfectly legitimate for me to be outside, at 7.30 in the morning, digging holes to bury Barbies in. (Inspired by this story) Admiring my handiwork with a hammer and some blue rope. Each tuesday I have to arrive at work extra early to prepare for Forest School. I have to do a 'safety sweep' of the area we use-for all sorts of possible dangers. Today's dangerous find was a small patch of nettles, so it could have been worse. After the safety sweep I have to hammer my stakes in (I made the stakes on my training days) and then add the blue rope to make the boundary. Then I rush back inside to prepare the hot chocolate-opening 15 small packets of milk and heating them up for ages in the microwave. I have got it all down to a quick routine now. Finding beautiful new things in Forest School. This was growing on one of the base camp logs.
Spending time playing Tug-of-war using a full sized rope, out in the fresh Spring air, while other people may be stuck in dull offices, or any number of places that are not such fun! The rope was borrowed from a local secondary school by Cleo for sports relief, and the nursery children really wanted a go! I really want to buy one now as they had such a great time and there is so much they can get from it learning wise! I had a quick look and they do not look that expensive really.
Being able to leave early enough, occassionally, to get home in time to have a look in the garden. Lots of new developments-the violets are bigger, the forsythia has lots of buds, the daffodils have opened, the pond is full of spawn, and the guttering desperately needs replacing on the shed.
Happening to overhear that small kittens are available. This is her(Kitty?)-who is currently trying to destroy a box of glasses my Mum gave us-clinging onto my pajama top earlier. Tiger and Lily came from school too. They were strays, and were found in the neighbouring (then derelict) building, by some children from the school. They were rescued by two of the teachers and brought to the staff room. Tiger boldly walked around saying hello to everyone, while Lily wisely hid under a chair!


KindredSpirit said...

barbies have scared me! I don't get the forest school thing - you'll have to explain one day!!!

Sonia ;) said...

Love it...The barbies in the sand lol. Love the shot of Kitty.


jabblog said...

Burying Barbies - bit gruesome for young minds . . . ;-)
It is good that Spring finally seems to be under way, notwithstanding this morning's very pretty frost!

Janine said...

Well Sarah, not to confuse you any more but why not call her Tink or Tinkerbell...you already have Tiger and Lilly?

Candace said...

Mmm. Janine has a point re: Tink.

You know I love those Barbies. Several of mine are almost transformed now, but it's been a real push at times.

Your little garden looks grand! I just throw out seeds and cross my fingers. So far, it's worked.
Have a great rest of week!
x Candace

ADonald466 said...

I would bury Barbies too!!

rochambeau said...

Did your Forestry friends get to see (find) your mud wrestling Barbies? Bet that was a nice little surprise! Your kitty is adorable!

Have a great week Sarah. You have a terrific sense of humor.


Lynne said...

Not being familiar with the book, I'm intrigued bt the buried Barbies!

ArtSparker said...

Barbies or Bacchae?