Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Winding Tales From a Tired Mind

I was going to go to bed early tonight as a sore throat has arrived this afternoon and I thought I could do with an early night. Then other things intervened-playing with the kitten, eating delicious prawns and rice, colouring in my snakey drawing and then having a revelation about names. I have a tall thin sketch book-from my Mum for Christmas, and began using it the other day with my list of hang words. It cries out for long or thin things, and snakes came to mind. I find snakes beautiful-maybe because my Chinese star sign is the snake-or maybe just because they are beautiful! I have a small collection of silver snakes-earrings, a pendant and two rings. They lend themselves well to jewellery design. I was going to do lots of long straight snakes but then I looked in a source book for snake ideas and saw so many tempting coiled ones.
I started to colour the drawing last night and kitten helped me.
Names are still bugging us and we were talking about them tonight when Andy suddenly said Cassiopeia. I remembered that the people I got her from had called her Cassie but I had not liked that (surprise, surprise!) and so we have had the two weeks of indecision. Andy called Cassie, and she looked. Maybe she recognises it! I looked up Cassandra as I could not remember the story. Then I looked up Cassiopeia as I was a bit shaky on that too. Neither story is particularly happy-but I loved the part about snakes and her ears, and hearing the future! And I have been drawing snakes! I got her kind of by chance, so maybe her name should have elements of coincidence or fate in too. I also love the part about understanding the language of animals! Also I think cats have such a dramatic streak that classic tales from mythology might be a suitable source.
In Greek mythology, Cassandra (Greek: Κασσάνδρα, "she who entangles men",[1] also known as Alexandra[2]) was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Her beauty caused Apollo to grant her the gift of prophecy. In an alternative version, she spent a night at Apollo's temple, at which time the temple snakes licked her ears clean so that she was able to hear the future. This is a recurring theme in Greek mythology, though sometimes it brings an ability to understand the language of animals rather than an ability to know the future.[3] However, when she did not return his love, Apollo placed a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her predictions. She is a figure both of the epic tradition and of tragedy, where her combination of deep understanding and powerlessness exemplify the tragic condition
Next I googled 'Cassie' and one of the popular culture references was this title. Again, most appropriate as she is crazy!
Lastly, a snippet from the tale of Cassiopeia-the kitten is upside down for quite a bit of the time too!
'Since Poseidon thought that Cassiopeia should not escape punishment, he placed her in the heavens in such a position that, as she circles the celestial pole in her throne, she is upside-down half the time.' (Cassiopeia)
I hope I have made sense here-it all makes sense to me! I am usually pretty indecisive but I think I am beating even my own records here! I will let you know in a week if Cassie sticks!
Terrible flash photography which I have failed to edit

The title of the drawing is inspired by that ridiculous film 'Snakes on a Plane'! I also like the name 'Snake Plisken' from another film-a much better one-'Escape From New York' I love that film!


Torie Jayne said...

Great art! Have a sweet day!

Tracy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Sarah! I'm just getting over a cold myself, which has lasted nearly two weeks--so not much fun... and reason why I'm slow to getting around blogland these days. Your drawing wonderful--I like the long format. And you know I love the kitten "helping" you to draw...sooo sweet! Be taking good care... ((HUGS))

Candace said...

I am a big Snake Plisken fan myself. And as you know a Greek mythos fan. So it all makes sense to me!
Mmm... those drawings are quite fun but so sorry to hear you're trying to come down with something.

Love the photo of "Cassie" having a go at helping you draw.
Fun colours! And I esp. like the polka dots.
Take good care.
Candace x

Poetikat said...

SNAAAAAAKE!!! (That's all I know.)

The kitten is adorable. I love those little white paws and as I've said, that marbled fur is gorgeous!


Poetikat said...

Cassandra? Yes! (And we all know about cats and licking ears, right?) Perfect!

Linda Sue said...

I love snakes! My name from somewhere back in the day means "serpent" - I grew up with rattle snakes everywhere -have loads of respect for them- they are wonderful creatures. Your snakes are very pretty- I think that they are girl snakes...
Cassie is a great name for your kitten- smitten!

Sarah said...

A whole day has gone past and I still like Cassie! Thanks for all the recent comments with regard to names-what a palaver!

jabblog said...

Do you remember Cassandra in 'Only Fools and Horses'?
I see you're left-handed - a sign of creativity says my husband, who just happens to be left-handed:-)
Get well soon - you don't want to be ill during the holidays.

ADonald466 said...

Hi Sarah - I hope you're feeling better! Love the snakes - years ago when we were on holiday in Florida, Staurt and I had photos taken with a snake draped round our necks (Malcolm refused to do it!) I was surprised that it was warm and dry .... and very heavy!! Love, Anne

Lynne said...

It's been good catching up with you.
Interesting about the kitten's name. I will keep a look out to see what you decide. She seems to be settling in well.

KindredSpirit said...

cassie is nice! I like the long thin sketchbook.... i have just bought one with black pages which I like