Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sorting, Treasure Hunting in the Rain and Painting

I had a weekend that was busy but in a relaxing way. My brother visited which was nice. We had lovely food. He and Andy played scrabble. I tried to make caramel-went ok but has not set-I don't have a sugar thermometer and so I stopped too soon. What can I do with it? Any ideas gratefully received! We watched a film called 'Just Friends' which is silly but quite funny.
I did some sorting-existing treasures. I love seeing them all
arranged in their little compartments. Two new paintings. The one on the right had the pieces of china stuck on-as mentioned yesterday but all the pieces came off with only a little push. I tried again with superglue and it seems to have worked. I have put the clay round the pieces and will leave overnight.
The one on the left has a stamp of a little falling man that my friend Clare sent me.
Sorting the treasure made me want more. Not need but want!
So I dragged Andy down to the river this morning. It was freezing and raining
and so windy I couldn't see to pick up anything at first!
You can see in this photo that the barrier is up.
A perfectly lovely chair which I didn't attempt to take it home,
as I thought someone could happily use it at the beach on a more sunny day.
I found lots of interesting things. There were hundreds of iron nails-all deformed and rusty. (click to enlarge to see how many there were!) I wonder what they are from? I picked up some of them. I found something that I thought was an enormous bone but I am not sure. I will put a picture another time to see if anyone can enlighten me! I found an instrument dial from a boat I think-too dirty and full of water to pick up. I found lots of china to add to the collection. The best find though was Andy's. He has an eagle eye!
It is great to find something with so much information on it, so we looked it up. There are a few examples online though I didn't find out much information about Ellen. This is a genealogy website for people with the name Hale, and if you scroll down you can see the whole lid. I like the idea of a heal-all ointment. Most useful.
The shed door blew open and when I went up to shut it I saw these on the way back. I have been seeing other people's snowdrops online for a few weeks now so I am glad to see ours! There is only one little clump but it gets slightly bigger each year.
This painting is turning slightly nightmarish I think. The hat is based on a dressing up hat we have at school. The layered patterns on the dress are from the stamp and a plastic doily.
This one makes me think of Miss Havisham.
The pieces of china are from her unused tea service.
Her dress is also plastic doily stencilled.


snoopydog said...

Such beautiful and unusual artwork, as always. It's always a feast for the eye to pop in!
Wow! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning, searching for treasures down by the river. I'm envious!
Enjoy the week! Ros

Lynne said...

Lovely lid. I like getting my things sorted every now and then, but I have to be in the mood.
I like the idea of Miss Haversham surrounded by her unused china.
I've been meaning to take a photo of our one clump of snowdrops. But they are very close to the ground... so maybe that's why I haven't.

Linda Sue said...

your art as usual sends me to my happy place. LOVE love LOVE - the caramel thing- when i was making christmas jesus fetus cookies I also made fudge and did not let boil long enough so I chopped nuts and made balls, worked great!
Your found treasure is astonishing- If I hd ever found something that good I would have thought it was a message from god himslef telling me that I am the chosen! WOW! Great find!
we used to live on the beach-= I had tons of treasure but mr. husband threw it all away last month. He thought it was garbage!! Can you imagine! yeah, he is going to burn in hell for that error!

kendalee said...

Miss Havisham - exactly! But more beautiful than sad in your version, which I love.

I've never been trawling along the Thames for treasure although I've always fancied the idea as I imagine there are treasures in there from as far back as the Romans and beyond, and I don't mean valuable in monetary terms, just fragments from the lives of ordinary people... and here you've found one... Amazing! Good job Andy!

Thank you for sharing your breakfast with me, that made me smile, and please tell Tiger that when I figure out y, I'll be sure to let her know! I appreciate her asking and taking an active role in the blogosphere. We could do with more blogging cats in the world.

Happy Sunday evening to you! :)

Lynne said...

Hi Sarah,
That's made me think, grey one of your favourite colours. I think I quite like grey myself, but it isn't a colour I give much thought to. I was hoping for more definition with my sky shots, some sun peeping through would have been good. I did take a photo of a rainbow but the camera was playing up, poorly batteries, so it didn't turn out.
I think I was spoiled in Sweden, so much snow and ice, there was always something enticing me to go outside and take photos. I used to freeze my fingers off and have to run back inside on really cold days. So I have found the grey here quite a contrast, and yes dull and miserable I'm sorry to say. But I do like the photos of the seed heads against the sky, I like that grey on grey, but I need to work at them a bit more.
Have a good week.

Sonia ;) said...


Oh the paintings are GREAT...Oh wow love the lid to the cure all. You had a very productive weekend even with rain. Kudo's to the Andy for the find. I hope you have a awesome week. I love my stash ..had to tell ya that again.


rochambeau said...

Thank you for taking me along on your outing. You made me smile!
Sarah. Hope ALL is well.
Miss Havisham ~ I know her!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - fabulous paintings!! I especially like Miss Favisham and her teaset. How wonderful to be able to find things on the riverside - I think the only thing I would find along the Teviot would be plastic rubbish! Yesterday was rain/sleey/snow, but this morning is bright and frosty! Love, Anne

Candace said...

This was just a great great post. What fantastic finds there! Love the Hale piece so much, and the nails are quite a lot like you said.
I think Miss Havisham is perfect with the wistful look and the look of her lace is perfectly done here. I don't know how you managed it!
And you think the other is nightmarish?! What the??? Not at all, it is quite lovely!
Have a wonderful week, dear Sarah!
Candace in Athens x

Tracy said...

LOVE the Miss Havisham painting, Sarah...that really is like a bit out of Dickens! Your collected bits & pieces are wonderful treasures for future art. The hunt is part of the creativity. :o) Wishing you a very happy, creative week, my friend ((HUGS))

KindredSpirit said...

WOW i'm so impressed at Andy's find!!! I've been mudlarking a few times and found small pieces of china and hundreds of clay pipes but nothing that exciting!!!

Love your use of the little man stamp - he does look like he's falling!

Strawberry Girl said...

How marvelous that all sounds! I wish I could come exploring with you... :)

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating post!
I think they made the Thames barrier long after I left England.
I do not think I have ever seen it.
Loved the treasures you found and your haunting paintings.
Isn't it weird that Miss Haversham is a person we NEVER forget.
Sorry I haven't visited so much lately.
Too much newgranny duty!

Anairam said...

Love your new paintings with the embedded porcelain bits. And that Mrs Ellen Ha find! Magnificent!