Monday, 8 February 2010

Plastic Poodles

How I changed the width and height in edit Html to make the picture slightly bigger. I am writing it here to remember it! I have put it back as I realise it looks pixelated. I will try it again with higher resolution photos.
They are going for a walk along the newly painted shelves Helen! That was quick commenting-it has only been there for two minutes!
Sonia said
'Broccoli Pirate
Green Pirate
Green Sparrow'
Sam said-'Is the pub called "Broc-depp" by any chance?
Linda Sue said 'I too thought it must be green sparrow or green Jack- no body would ever name a pub Broccoli!!'
Kenda said 'I also love the light fitting and would guess green sparrow for the pub although I'd love to find out it's called broccoli johnny's or something really cool!'
I liked all of the guesses but these four were the closest so they win the tiny prize-yet to be decided-it will be a surprise prize!
The pub's real name is The Brockley Jack (which I think no one would have got-the Brockley part anyway! It is named after a highwayman. Here is a page with a bit of history and some ghost hunting!


Helen McCookerybook said...

Where are they going?

Linda Sue said...

Brockley Jack- OMG I bet their ale tastes terrible!Who cares- WOOHOO I won something- that never happens! Thanks dear Sarah!!!

Sonia ;) said...

I love I collect them actually...we have wind ups, pubs and broccoli in common...LOL


Sonia ;) said...

LOL love the poodles...I collect wind ups...another thing besides the pub we have in common lol..


Sonia ;) said...

Ok yes I did that twice because it didnt say it took the last time..Ha Ha No I have not been to any

Lynne said...

Lovely poodles. Nice to have a bit of fun with a guessing game as well.
Well done to the winners.

kendalee said...

FAB - thank you Sarah, that was fun! Brockley Jack's... excellent name! :)

Nishant said...

Thanks dear Sarah!!!

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