Sunday, 7 February 2010

Weekend Events

Finding this article about Rachel Whiteread and her dolls houses. Thinking that two is quite enough for me unless I win the lottery. Finding this magazine on the hall floor on Friday evening. Having a look at the work of Jane Cather-absolutely beautiful.
Seeing Edna's little smiling face among all the other beautiful cloth and clay dolls. This is a group submission by Jane Des Rosier-who teaches doll making using cloth and clay techniques. Edna has been gone a long time now but I hope to see her back here one day!
Seeing my name in print-really exciting! Deciding on a whim (a whim born out of long pondering and purchasing large items such as dolls houses when I HAVE NO SPACE!) to completely reorganise all of my shelves, including painting my ebay shelves white. I was not sure about this but am so glad I did it, as everything looks much better displayed on them now. ( I will take pictures to show you!)
Giving a woman and her son a lift to the woods two miles away to find their runaway dogs. She was asking anyone she saw if they had seen them. She asked me just after I got home from buying paint, then asked a van driver and he had seen them. I felt so sorry for her as she was so worried-I hope she found them.Enjoying putting all of these things back on the shelves in different arrangements. This is one of my favourite things to do. Also enjoying rediscovering books I had forgotten, putting my Penguin books on my Penguin bookcase-bought second hand many years ago-complete with Penguin label.
Catching up with our ex-neighbours who called round unexpectedly today. We made a date to have a proper evening together in a couple of weeks.
Enjoying two late nights and two long lie ins.
Eating a delicious roast chicken dinner this evening cooked by Andy-thanks Andy!
Talking about what we want to do for our summer holidays.
Watching Antiques Road Show.
I will tell you the name of the pub tomorrow or Tuesday and announce the winner of the prize! Funny that one person has been there but they were kind and didn't give it away!


Laurie said...

Hi, you have a fun blog! Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway. I hope you'll be back again to visit soon!

ADonald466 said...

Hi Sarah
Isn't amazing what you discover when you reorganise shelves!! Well done on your doll/name in print! I think I will now be commenting as ADonald466 on your blog - I can't get to the bottom of the problem, but I can't used my 'frayed' ID'!!
Love, Anne
ps, Malcolm cooked rack of lamb for our Sunday dinner ... delicious!

Lynne said...

Love this post Sarah, just interesting in a chatty kind of way.
Wow your name in print that's fantastic.
Yesit's lovely to reorganise when the mood takes you.
Have a good week.

Tracy said...

That art doll magazine looks/sounds really interesting and fun! Your display shelf has been beautifully made over, Sarah! I would love something like that spanning a length of one wall in a me ideas--LOL! Have great week, my friend ((HUGS))

snoopydog said...

Such an interesting post. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I always love reorganising things that have been in the same space for far too long..... especially books! You suddenly see the overall picture in a totally different light.
Edna is beautiful. I felt quite a lump in my throat when I read about her. Soo humanized!! Such character!Thanks for the links to the other sites. I'm becoming quietly fascinated by these dolls. Thanks! Enjot=y the week. Ros

Linda Sue said...

I would love to make a city of tiny houses! Time and money and space is all it takes...So nice that you have someone to cook for you! How ever did you manage that?

Anairam said...

Your name (and your doll) in print - congratulations! I love how the tower blocks came out (below) - you can make an entire city. (You can borrow my construction vehicles ...) PS Your faces are really expressive - you have learnt a lot of interesting new techniques!

Shell said...

To see your doll and name in print is wonderful, Sarah.

Nishant said...

Well done on your doll/name in print!

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