Saturday, 6 February 2010

Shadows and Phone Pictures

Moving rain shadows on my hand in the car after work last week.
Random photo from my phone from Christmas. Andy's feet and Bertie's back.
I had forgotten about this until I downloaded the pictures from the phone tonight. I was shocked and amused one Saturday before Christmas, to see this painting in the window of my favourite charity shop. I think this counts as a shadow shot too due to the sensitive shading on the cheeks! It was a really good painting if you want a huge bottom on your wall. I wonder if they sold it. I must ask one day!
One of the lights in the pub we went to last week. There were also great big black cylindrical shades on some of the lights and it made me think about scale and how with lighting it doesn't particularly matter-I am thinking about the dolls houses.
Can you guess the name of the pub from this visual clue? A prize to anyone who can!
This is not really a shadow shot, but it is from my phone, and it represents a world alien to mine(in terms of work that is) On Friday, a colleague and I had the task of trying to complete a complex self-evaluation form for the Foundation Stage at work. (FS being the age group we teach-up to five) It is part of a whole school document that needs to be completed by the senior and middle management and is basically a summary of where the school is, aims for where we want to go, and proof of how we know these things-lots of data analysis. My colleague is the FS coordinator-a post I covered her in for a year, and wanted my help to do this. Our head suggested we have a day out, but work out of school, and recommended a local hotel-a Holiday Inn where we could do so. What a lovely day! The work was actually quite interesting and the setting was perfect for this kind of thing-hushed and business like, with lots of other work type things going on around us. I was very curious about what the other users of the space were up to but guessing had to be enough! Coffee, lunch and pleasant staff also added to the whole experience. Oh well, back to the real world on Monday!
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Patti said...

Those moving rain shadows are very cool!

Bertie looks an awful lot like our Linus. They could be siblings.

Um, the pub is called Pirate's Treasure. ha ha

Ralph said...

The striped shadows on your hand are so artsy, the lighting adding a zebra style look to you, Nice! Your cat looks almost exactly like our Linus, cousins across the Atlantic?? The pub light chandelier offers an amazing look on the ceiling - I wonder if the patrons even saw the effects above? I hope your work was sold!

Sylvia K said...

Fun bunch of shadow shots, Sara! Love the rainy ones on your hand and the chandelier! And the butt is a hoot! The pub has to have something to do with pirates! Hope you're having a great weekend!


Sonia ;) said...

Love the lighting shots....and I would hang that butt on the wall...wonder if anyone did buy it.

Ok Pub names--- Broccoli Pirate
Green Pirate
Green Sparrow


Lori Saul said...

Wonderful shadow play! The hand really caught my eye- quite intriguing and beautiful. I bet that derriere shot made a lot of people look twice! Lovely and fun post Sarah!

Sam said...

Ahhhh! Shadow shot perfection - the hand in the rain!...that light in the pub!!! Is the pub called "Broc-depp" by any chance? No, didn't think so...Bertie is the true star though - what a beautiful pussy cat he is - I want to give him a cuddle!!

Linda Sue said...

all shots are cool! Love the hand and the light -of course the kitty wins hands down! I too thought it must be green sparrow or green Jack- no body would ever name a pub Broccoli!!

Catherine said...

that first shot is very unusual...

kendalee said...

I also love the light fitting and would guess green sparrow for the pub although I'd love to find out it's called broccoli johnny's or something really cool!

Wouldn't it be lovely to work in those kind of surroundings all the time? Or perhaps part of the pleasure is in the sheer novelty of it? Either way, very glad you had a lovely day!

And hope you're having a lovely weekend :) xx

Hey Harriet said...

Hehe...that paining in the window is funny. I'm also wondering if it sold. Not because I wish to purchase it...just curious.

Hope you have a good week ahead back to your regular work routine. The change sounded fun!

Lynne said...

That seems like a very supportive Head you have there!
Lovely rain shadow shot.
As for the pub name.. The Jolly Pirate! Is the blurry photo next to Jack Sparrow broccoli? I can't make it out.
Ohh and the problem with scrolling down seems to have disappeared, wohoo!
Off to walk the dogs now.

Patti said...

P.S. Sarah, I have ,lots of photos of Linus on my blog.

I took a portrait in January. Sorry I didn't check the date, I was anxious to tell you..

Patti said...

see if this works -from the other day:


Sweet Repose said...

Two of my favorite things...broccoli and Johnny Depp...I'm still drooling...sorry, can't wait to hear the name of this Pirate's Cove!!!

ADonald466 said...

Hi Sarah - I love the photo of your hand! Can't think of a pub name (except of course something with the word 'gorgeous'if Johnny Depp is involved!!) Love, Anne

Serendipity said...

Firstly, cool shadows! Secondly: I know exactly which pub that picture is in (we have occasionally done the quiz there!) In the interest of good fun, I will refrain from answering in case anyone else can guess. This picture intrigued us for a while the first time we saw it! ;)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the photo of the pub chandelier.

Okay names for the pub:

Pirates of the Carribean
Johnny Depp Appreciation Society
The Pirate

Liz said...

I love the light fixture!

Patti said...

hi again~ another photo to share:

Nishant said...

Bertie looks an awful lot like our Linus. They could be siblings.

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