Thursday, 25 February 2010


Just a quick note on following. I have tried it, cannot keep up with it, so will go back to the old method of looking at your blogs as they move to the top of my list. So please don't be offended if I was following you but am not now!
The picture is one I have picked at random from my scan folder-it does look as if Julie(the doll) is following me doesn't it? She could walk if you pulled her along very slowly-somehow her legs were articulated to do so. She could also talk-she had little brightly coloured plastic records that you put into her back. Then press her belly button and voila-talking doll! We both seem to have the same chubby knees.


Lynne said...

Hi Sarah,
I've only just got my following and blog list uploaded and sorted. Of course I now realise that I don't really need both! But I'll see how it goes. In fact I'm finding the blog list helpful as I can see when someone posts, although already it is not unknown for me to have missed someones latest post!
I like the photo of you and your doll. I loved dolls as a child, still do in fact. My sister had a doll similiar to yours. It walked too.

Sonia ;) said...

I think that is so prescious. I used to have a walking doll and supposed life size. But they scred the knickers off me at night and would be taken away. Replaced and then gone again because the eys creeped me out. LOL


Janine said...

Awe, how cute!

Candace said...

A wonderful memory and photo. I have a big bride doll that is very similar... she made a cameo in last year's Fanciful Twist Halloween festivities. Gosh, that seems a long time ago, now.

I understand about following, esp blogs. It's a bit like the books by one's nightstand, isn't it?
Mmm... this one? That one?

Take care, dear Sarah!
Candace x

jabblog said...

Your remark about chubby knees made me giggle. Lovely photograph though and you look a very caring doll companion :-)

Poetikat said...

Ah, Sarah! Is that you? What a *doll* you were!

I'm glad you told us about the "following". I saw mine had dropped and couldn't figure out who it was.

I understand. I might do the same very soon.


KindredSpirit said...

such a sweet post!!!!!!!! love that little picture of you - have you used it in anything yet????

I just use blog list - you can scan down quickly and see straight away who has updated.....

Tracy said...

No worries, Sarah! Keeping up with blogs is no easy task... My own Google Reader list is now 160 blogs and it's becoming too hard to keep with with that many each week--LOL!

This photo is very sweet...the similarities between little girl and little dollie are remarkable! Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend, ahead, my friend ((HUGS))

Allegra Smith said...

So, which one is the doll? ;-)

I too had chubby knees when I was a child and I was thankful for that considering how often they got skinned by the owner climbing trees, something she wasn't allowed to do but that she did when no one was looking and thought no one knew until she needed a band-aid or worse. Sweet memories. Hugs from here.

ADonald466 said...

Hi Sarah - lovely photo!! On the 'following' front - I just put the blogs I like into my 'favourites' list and go through them once a day (I don't read that many!!) When I have a bit more time, I have a look at some others - very often looking at the blog of someone who has left an interesting comment!
Love, Anne

Linda Sue said...

I know the dillema- I keep my blog roll on the side which I visit every day but the follow list is difficult to keep up with- they are sort of bookmarks of favorites that may or may not get read...sort of the back burner peeps.

I love dolls, always have, I give them too much power actually as you may have noticed...They sort of become alive- they illicit compassion for some reason.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on both the following thing, the knees, the doll-Julie was her name-well still is I suppose. It struck me that my future career was shown in this photo! I was excited to get home and see 11 comments-yet another bloggy thing-analytics-is really annoying me. I don't think it is right and you have proved it as it said I had 3 visits today. I might get rid of that too!

samsstuff said...

I also find it virtually impossible to keep up with following. I do much better with the blogs that I get e-mails from. Even then I'm spending a tremendous amount of time each day reading e-mails. Sadly, I only sporadically make it back to most blogs. I do always find lots of amazing things when I look at my Google reader. I wish I could keep up & I always feel like I'm missing too much. Thanks for showing us that we are not alone!

Anonymous said...

hmm... i did notice that you stopped following. but thats fine. no offense taken :)

i do not like google reader - i prefer to visit blogs from my blog list.

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Fun picture! Looks like she is leading a younger sister somewhere ... perhaps to a playground or off to school.

P.S. My blog has moved! My new location is!

rochambeau said...

Hi Sarah,
Beautiful photo here of YOU and Juliette!!
It reminds me of a funny thing you may like to hear.
For my fifth bday I was given a large doll like yours, except she had dark hair. I liked her. But couldn't figure out what to name her, so I asked my father (who was a silly man), what shall I name her? He said and he declared her: "Shirley Schleperman" . Noooooooo I said, I don't like that name, but do you know what? The name stuck! ;-) We STILL all know who Shirley Schleperman was!

you and Juliette have gorgeous knees by the way.

rochambeau said...

My father was employed in "high end" retail. To schlep means to "carry around" (Jewish terms)
Many Jewish people are involved in the garment business. This is probably why.

Funny........I ended up as a person who ALWAYS schlepped. :-) I was an Art major, which meant carrying lots of portfolios to and fro and then, I owned a catering business for 15 yrs. And it's gone on and on. So you know what that means.
It's funny how my life turned out.

I'm not Jewish, but one of my greatest friends is. My mom is making a Jewish cabbage rolls tonight ironically.
I added you to my blogroll Sarah. Thank you for adding mine.


Sam said...

Awww! That's such a cute photo of you! Look at the concern and concentration you have there for your little dolly! Adorable!!

And!!! I got your gorgeous gorgeous parcel - thank you thank you so much !!!! It totally made my day/ week month!! You are very talented and creative Sarah!

Have a terrific weekend! XO's

ArtSparker said...

I hear you, sister, on the following thing. the photo is slightly eerie, I think because your face is hidden while the doll's is in plain view.

Anonymous said...

following thing is nutsy business.. i am not even looking whose in whose not

Anonymous said...

first catch your hare, then cook him. ..................................................

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful picture! Priceless!