Sunday, 21 February 2010

Making and Thinking

All day I have been making a tiny quilt. It took a long time for something so tiny.
As I made it, I have been thinking about my friend Renee. I have been thinking about why I love her and how this could happen in only a year of knowing a person online. But it happened so easily and I am happy about it. I find expressing these feelings very hard so I am going to stop now. I just wanted to say something. Love to you Renee, now and alwaysxx


parallel-botany said...

Oh wow, I *love* your teeny tiny quilt, it's perfect!

I know what you mean about making a deep connection with someone online. Sometimes it doesn't seem possible, or at least it seems rather unlikely, but it definitely does happen!

Rattling On said...

Love the quilt, is it for the doll's house?
I think one makes deeper friendships as an adult. It's more important somehow to connect with like-minded people.
Good for you for being able to express how you feel.

Janine said...

Hi Sarah, I sure know what you mean about feelings!

I love your tiny quilt! What a wonderful way to think of Renee!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh that quilt is prescious. Renee has touched alot of lives. But she brought you to me as a friend so a gift is well received by her and I thank her.


snoopydog said...

That little quilt is absolutely beautiful. A perfect way to spend a dull, cold and snowy, sleety Sunday. The Regia yarn is very pretty too! I've not seen that colourway before.
Your post 'said' so much .....Thanks! Have a good week back at school. Ros

kj said...

hi sarah, thank you for stopping by my blog. i understand how you feel about renee: i feel that way too. in only a year....unbelieveable but very true. she has transformed us. we are aware of the love within us and how to live in ways we will forever thank her for.

please come visit anytime. we are all in this together.


Linda Sue said...

Sarah- the quilt is adorable -how very tedious! You must have used spider silk to stitch it together.
Amazing, Our Renee, most remarkable person !! Blog love invented by her I am sure of it- circling the bloggers with her big heart and generosity. Just amazing- I feel so lucky!

Anne Donald said...

Hi Sarah - your little quilt is fabulous! It's funny, but it's harder to make a miniature quilt than a full sized one! Love, Anne

Anairam said...

That quilt is so lovely! How weird, I have also been making a tiny blanket of sorts this weekend! Yes, Renee, I have been thinking of her so much during the past week ... I am sure she knows that love surrounds her now, don't you think?

Candace said...

When people touch our lives as Renee has touched yours and others', and you and Jeanne and a couple others have touched my own, it is a truly miraculous thing. Enjoy those feelings and the expressions. There is so little love in very many places, and I think it must be celebrated when we have it.

Now -- that quilt is adorable! You know how I love Tee Tiny!
My best to you and yours,
Candace in Athens. x

Allegra Smith said...

Goodness me, a quilt for a delicate fae! I once made a doll and wanted her knitting so I got two toothpicks and knitted with then and then made a tiny ball of yarn and sat her with her "knitting needles" on her chair.
I can relate to the magic tiny things brings into our "big" world.

Renee is like a fairy. She went around the blogsphere sprinkling fairy dust everywhere. Some of us had a sneeze and we got it way inside into our hearts and fairy dust never goes away. I too wish we could have a hug and a cup of tea. Sending you a hug from here.


Yes, I know just what you mean about small things taking a surprisingly long time. It is curious.

Lynne said...

Lovely little quilt.
It is quite amazing the friendships that are created through the ether, and quite special.

kendalee said...

Renee has been on my mind and in my heart a lot too - amazing how deeply touched we can be at a distance. The quilt is incredible Sarah - I don't know how you do it! I'm so in awe of the patience required.

Ribbon said...

I love Renee too
Renee is very easy to love