Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I didn't go to an exhibition as my friend felt too coldy and ill to go all that way. Instead we popped to Greenwich, visited the bookshop, wandered a bit and found a little Church sale where I pounced-yes almost literally, on a hoard of doilies-crocheted ones-all at prices such as 25p. They are so lovely! Not sure what they will become, if anything at all, but that was no reason not to buy them! I also bought a tiny silver funnel-for the dolls house collection. Also a map of the UK that I bought from a very old, really sweet lady who only a heartless wolf-or something like that-could have ignored! William left the country this morning-well my house anyway. And I sold my desk! Buy it now price-most exciting! I should look around the house for more stuff to sell!
Anyway, as I didn't get to go to an exhibition, I thought I would put on a small one of my own.
Little Wood People
littlewoodpeople is a shop on Etsy I discovered yesterday. It is full of amazing and varied characters and browsing through it is like reading a little story-each little person has such personality. Barbara Hart is the artist behind these little dolls. I love what she says in her profile about the dolls being a bit like a visual diary. The dolls above are called (left to right, top to bottom) Little Wood Octopi, Little Wood Man With Traumatic Injuries, Aliza and Little Wood Retro Robot. Go and meet the rest!
My Lacy Doilies
Lacy Illustrations
The Wedding Ghost by Leon Garfield, illustrated by Charles Keeping. I love Charles Keeping's work, which is what made me buy the book from the charity shop yesterday. I have not read it yet-but it looks very promising!
I also wanted to share this cartoon from the paper on Sunday. It really made me laugh!


Candace said...

Having devoured a bag of chips (A BIG bag) within a 30 MINUTE timeframe, I understand the cartoon so well.
Gosh, Sarah, those lace doilies (a good bargain!) and the following lacy illos are almost hypnotically beautiful. Just stared and stared at them.
And I love those little wooden people! Thank you for sharing with us. So much going on here!
Take care.
Candace in Athens x

ADonald466 said...

Hi Sarah - I must show the cartoon to my friend Lorraine (the one I made the chocolate wallhanging for), she is a seriious chocoholic!! The doilies are super - look forward to seeing what you do with them. My snadwiches were so delicious, I had eaten most of ten before I thought 'oops, photo' - ah well, what a good excuse to go back!! Love, Anne

Sonia ;) said...

Sarah I love the Lacy Illustrations....You did those? Love the clock one wow...and the wood ppl remind me of the original little people from Fisher Price dolls. The eye is amazing so creative and talented.


Janine said...

Love your doilies! What a great find! The wooden people are so cute thanks for the link! Love the sketches!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Fun exhibition! I love the portraits in your lacy drawings! :-)

Lynne said...

Sounds as though you had a fruitful day despite the change of plans.
Charles Keeping, ages since I've seen any of his books. Sounds an interesting title too.

Linda Sue said...

Best exhibition ever! I love the little wooden people and octopi- how clever! So much clever stuff in the world my head feels like exploding! answer to question about Maidstone- When I lived in the countryside close to Marden and when I lived in London- Maidstone was a sort of hub- we bought fresh produce at auction and set up a green grocer for the neighborhood in our flat. I have friends living there still. Maidstone had the best cups of tea, as well- curious that you are a maiden from Maidstone! I feel closer to you by the minute. I am so worried about William, isn't that silly- I have grown quite fond of him- let me know if he found a good home...there should have been adoption papers in place and perhaps an inspection...

MyMaracas said...

I can really relate to that cartoon.

Wonderful finds, the little wooden people shop and those lovely doilies!

Poetikat said...

If it's chocolate, I'm in!

Anairam said...

Love the doilies! I know what you can make!

Sam said...

Oh! Clicked on the doll shop - very collectable! They have a lot of character!

Love your doilies - and those illos are incredible!! I love it when people introduce me to new illustrators!! I get all excited!! :0)