Monday, 31 January 2011


Miffy and the Books
What started as just reorganising my brushes, pencils, pens and little pieces of equipment so they are kept together and easily reached, turned into an all day epic of sorting and tidying my book shelves. Now, as far as possible, my books are organised into types-such as interiors books, craft books, doll books etc. It looks good-for now! I can also now walk down my side of the bed again as the carpet is revealed from under its book layer. Miffy is on a copy of a reproduction children's book about Mittens the Kitten. This area of the shelf is devoted to old children's books, which have developed into a collection. (In addition to the collection of modern children's books!)

Tulips and Pastel

The sun came out today, so I went a bit mad photographing lots of things when I got in. (At lunchtime-afternoon PPA hurray!) When I looked at my photos, the colour of this pastel sheet and the tulips seemed to go so well. This is a page prepared to then do a transfer drawing as mentioned the other day.

The drawing on the other side of the sheet, paired with a white monoprint over iridescent watercolour paint on black paper. These paints are lovely. They were really cheap in one of those reduced price book shops-a bargain!

Andy's boots and Tiger in the sunshine

I love the way Tiger is looking up at me with such a sweet face, and I like the colour of these boots.

Brushes and Medieval Lady

The brushes all tidily sat together in their pretty jug. I have moved the printer onto the floor to make room for my tools and it is working so far! The pastel transfer drawing is of a medieval lady carrying bunches of leeks. It is from the book I am reading at the moment-each chapter is about a different medieval character-peasants, minstrels etc. Very interesting!


Leenie said...

Quite an artistic eye you have for putting things together. I like all your pairings. Can't even say I choose one over another since they all have such great character. Okay, Tiger and the boots may be my favorite.

rebecca said...

you are a perfect collection of beauty, charm, wit and never disappoint!

so glad you are here....

Anonymous said...

The arrangement of your collections is artistic!!

Sarah said...


Linda Sue said...

Sarah Belle- LOVE the prints LOVE! Your creativity delights me! wish we were neighbors- we would get nothing and everything done!
I am sort of on hold at the moment- other things to contend with- getting done into college in Portland- going via train in a couple of days...check out the big city and bright lights! It will be fun !

Elizabeth said...

Your pairings are stunning.
I liked the tulips ones especially.
Tidying things up does get one set on a path to be creative, I think!
ice storm expected here

Deirdra Doan said...

Yes it is fair!! It is for people who love blogs and want to get to know are in my drawing..go for it. It is for you my dear.

English are sometimes too concerned about following the missed the are a blog lover and this is a way to find new blog friends! Have fun!!

Here are the Rules out of the mouth of the woman that made it happen!

"THIS IS OPEN TO ALL BLOGERS WORLDWIDE........To be eligible to win you must have an established blog, you must leave a comment on this post only and make sure I have a way to contact you should you win."