Saturday, 1 January 2011

Kindle Case Tutorial

Need a case for a Kindle or similar electronic gizmo, to protect it in your handbag? Don't want to pay £50? ( I looked for cases on amazon and they were that much! There may be cheaper alternatives but I have made one instead) Very simple and I think it should be ok in normal circumstances-say in a handbag or briefcase-I would maybe use something sturdier in a case. I used fleece as it doesn't need hemming and is cushiony and soft. I was going to have card in both the pockets created by the double layers but thought it might squash the kindle. Click to enlarge the pictures if necessary.


Kat Mortensen said...

That's exactly the sort of fabric I'd need too, Sarah - nice and bright, so I wouldn't lose it!
Now, if I only had a Kindle. }-)

Happy New Year to you and Andy and the kits.


Candace said...

Fantastic! And very cosy too. I agree with Kat the Kindleless... if I had one, I would make this in super duper shades of similar fabrics.

kendalee said...

Brilliant Sarah - love the rainbow fleece. I have a case from amazon for my kindle (it was a Christmas gift) and I love it 'cause it's orange but I actually think I prefer yours... much more fun!

p.s. are you enjoying the kindle? I wasn't sure at first but I love it now - great for all the train travel I do and means I can save money to spend on beautiful real books for at home :)

sallybaileyhome said...

I see another etsy shop opening covers could make your fortune!!!