Monday, 17 January 2011

Face Tags

When I got in I needed a distraction from work stress. I am being observed tomorrow (by my headteacher and coordinator-who I feel does not know anything I don't know-younger, and has been teaching less time-but enjoys leadership roles which I do not-this is negative I know, but as I get older I resent these things!)-a regular occurence which I am used to but still don't like. Though who does? I go from what I see as a competent and fairly entertaining teacher to a grinning nervous wreck who does not behave in a normal way at all-at least in my mind. I think I have developed techniques over the years to hide this but it is how I feel. So roll on 10.30 tomorrow-the end of the observation! Anyway, my hometime stress relief was drawing/painting little blurry faces on parcel tags. (With prepared gesso ovals) I love these kind of old fashioned tags-their great brown paper colour and little strings.

All slightly mishapen and a bit lumpen-and-apart from one, quite miserable-my kind of girls!
Off to knit and watch "Silent Witness"-a programme only for the strong stomached!


Helen McCookerybook said...

Good luck tomorrow Sarah- I hate those sorts of things.
Hope you enjoyed Silent Witness- I can't wait to see episode two but will have to watch it on iPlayer later in the week. It's a good story!

Sarah said...

Thanks Helen!

Kat Mortensen said...

Good luck tomorrow with the observation, Sarah. Picture them naked and you'll be fine! (It worked on the Brady Bunch.)

I love your face tags! That white-faced ones is a bit willy-inducing though.

Is Silent Witness that one about the coroner?


P.S. Have I told you we're hooked on "Emmerdale"?

Lori Saul said...

Wonderful expressive faces Sarah- a great way to relieve stress and anxiety- I love the whole presentation as well. I'm sure all will go well for you. Whenever I visit your blog - you have an inspiring confidence about you in both art and words!

Janine said...

Love your tags! Good luck with the "torture" I know what you mean! Check you email!

Mar said...

the tags are a great exercise i like them!
and they give me a good idea for a lesson to offer the children later this summer
book markers

you will be great in the interview
how can you not be
you are open and giving and nurturing
all the elements i find to be a good teacher
you are worrying for not

let me know how it goes though!!

best of vibes for a good interview

Leenie said...

Yes, being watched is not my favorite activity. Best wishes going your way for a good outcome. It looks like a little of your stress is showing in the grumpy but fun faces on the tags. :oD

Bimbimbie said...

Wishing all goes well for you Sarah. I'm not a fan of performance appraisals. I've been on both sides and still can't help thinking what a circus*!*

louloulovesbooks said...

Love those little faces
hate being 'marked'
good luck

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - if I was being watched I would fall over my own feet, drop things, forget what I was saying .... so I will be thinking of you this morning!! Love your tags. I bought lots of brown tags to use for my stuff for the Christmas fair - there is just something very appealing about them.

kendalee said...

Can so relate to this Sarah - I hate it too. I'm sure even if you're only a fraction as good as your are when you're not being observed though, you'll be fab! I hope it goes brilliantly.

I love your girls - misshapen and quite miserable. But beautiful!

→lisa said...

I love the peevish expressions on this batch of tags; they seem to mirror your work-related blue mood perfectly.

Being observed like that is so nerve-racking. Ack!

Anonymous said...

I don't care to be observed either. We have a group that comes in and evaluates our hospital. They actually have the authority to shut us down. They come every few years and I am always a nervous wreck! I hope all went well!

Love the tags!