Friday, 28 January 2011

More Experimentation

This is a mono print-done by laying a piece of paper onto rolled out ink, and drawing onto the back of the paper. I have painted around the image with watercolour once it was dry. Another idea from my book. It was quite a messy process! I used the plastic lid of a storage box as I don't have a piece of glass. The surface started to reject the ink, making interesting little circular shapes in the two following pictures where I just lay another piece of paper onto the impression left by the print.

From this I got the idea of using oil pastels in a similar way. I coloured thick areas of oil pastel on one page, then drew on the back of this area to make the impression on the next page. The advantage of this in my mind, is that it is not a mirror image as in the print, but the same way round as you draw-so more of a transfer I suppose. This makes it good for doing writing. I have not tried this technique before and have not seen it, though I am sure it has been done! Tonight I carried on trying it out and then added watercolour. Another thing I liked about these in comparison to the prints, is the water resistance of the pastel as opposed to the solubility of the printing ink. This is sounding more and more like a science experiment!



(These drawings are inspired by a book I bought at the weekend-a brilliant book-about patterns for dolls clothes. It has so much information in it and great line drawings of the clothes and body patterns.

My first page of experimentation.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant. I love visiting you - you always have something wonderful to share!!

Dimple said...

Fascinating. I love the results of your experiments!

Allegra Smith said...

This is incredibly seductive, as in "I wish I could do this" type of seduction.

You don't suppose this is an activity I could do from my bed these days, do you? I am beginning to get up a bit these days and feeling better each day. I miss my peeps and visiting but I am cautiously visiting a few blogs in order not to tire my eyes too much.

Your work is constantly amazing, the breadth and width of it and the images are simply beautiful. Much as I love the kitty, the garments have me smiling. Hugs from here, have a great weekend dear Sarah.

Anonymous said...