Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday At Last

I don't even know how I have managed to get through this week as I have felt iller and iller as it went on. I don't think iller is good grammar but it is what I mean. I have resorted to beecham's max strength cold and flu tablets today and they work fairly well. Anyway, Friday is most welcome! Here are a few pictures from the week of things I liked. Above is Khy's little adapted watercolour blobby painting. I showed him how to make the blobs with the holes and how I had drawn faces and he came up with some great ones. I love the paintings the kids do with watercolours-they are really delicate with them and some of them really get into the lovely way that the paints mix. We did our ordering last night and I picked out some very nice new tins of paints to replace the tatty old ones. Most exciting!
A strange little counting book with beautiful kitschy illustrations. I like the way mangoes have been used rather than the predictable apples!

And the birds make me want to paint birds.

Rainy windscreen. Not good all the things the rain has been doing around the world.
Handmade breakfast. My sister in law's home made bread and marmalade. Delicious.
I hope whatever you are doing, that you have a good weekend!


Leenie said...

Your new header is so bright and full of life. A nice change from the drabs and darks of winter.

I love how preschool children are not worried so much about the doing of such things as painting, dancing and singing and just ENJOY. The fun is contagious and even the messes have a lot of creativity. Tell your Khy that his art made me smile.

Hope you recover soon from being iller and iller. Homemade bread and marmalade should certainly help.

Kat Mortensen said...

When you're iller and iller
It can sure be a killer
Your body gets chiller
You're not up for a thriller
Much less Phyllis Diller,
But some orange marmalade
And you've got it made
Your sickness will fade
And for better you'll trade.

Take care, Sarah!

Love, Kat

Linda Sue said...

Ok now I am hungry AGAIN!
I love the illustrations- so bright and not corny like the predictable , usual, balls and apples - anything round.
Get well soon- spray Zycam- just discovered it- works like magic! Spray on inside of cheeks (face cheeks, not butt cheeks) and voila- cold be gone!
You have been on my mind all day- I am making paper dolls and thinking that you should be here...

Anonymous said...

sorry to read you are not feeling well. recover soon.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Yum, homemade marmalade and toast, nothing nicer in the Winter.

Hope you feel better real soon.

Sarah said...

Thanks all of you! YOu made me feel better already!

jennyfreckles said...

I'm glad it's the weekend too - and I'm not ill! Hope you soon feel better.

Rachel Fox said...

Great picture of the bread and marmalade!

Elizabeth said...

England has better books and pictures than here in the US
(though we do have some good ones)
too much plastic and guns etc.

hope you are feeling chiller
and less much less iller
the next rhyme is obviously vanilla
or polyfiller
or gorilla

do hope you are tucked up in BED by now

greetings from damn cold NY
about to snow....

rebecca said...

i have been painting birds most of the afternoon....


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better!