Wednesday, 19 January 2011

All My Journals Part 2

The moon was full over Sainsbury's tonight. I was wondering what magnification my eyes have, as it looked much bigger than this with them, and only this big through the 5 megapixels and 4x optical zoom camera!

You would think I spend all of my time at Sainsbury's! Tonight it was a catfood and litter run-but I should have coordinated with Andy as he was at Asda doing the same! I am glad he went to Asda though, as he bought the most delicious pudding-banana and chocolate sauce-mmm!

Below is another one of my journals. This is a very new one-a Chrstmas present from Andy's sister. Thanks Helen! I have decided to use it to collect pictures I like, from magazines I want to recycle, rather than keep. So far I have done about 8 pages-some just have the whole page stuck in, maybe next to another page of similar theme or colour. Some others, like the horse and plant below, have been cut and stuck in a certain way. I may use it to write some things in as well but not really to paint or draw. I wonder if I will keep this one up. Time will tell!


Linda Sue said...

Sarah I am running as fast as I can to keep up with you! I am winded! LOVE your plucky pouty girl tags and the Tudor tags- very nice- LOVE them! Your keepers of pictures are curious and inspiring- That Pegasus is insane! Excellent!

Candace said...

How wonderful this is! I was all a-goggle over the banner and then I see these marvelous little tags. Elizabeth is my favourite, natch. Love the Pegasus! What great work you are doing. Fun stuff, too.
How I love and miss Sainsburies!

Anonymous said...

My goodness Sarah, do you ever stop for a rest! I didn't see the moon last night, but I did get some photos when I got up this morning.

Rattling On said...

Ha! I've been reading the last few entries...I also have a notebook for each purpose, and even a diary just for the blog. Love the pictures you've been collecting.
Glad the observation went well for you. I work with my boss (The SENCO) all day every day so I don't get an official observation, but I used to hate the falseness of them before I moved departments.
PS Loving the new blog header.

Gabbi said...

You make me wish I kept a journal!

Anonymous said...

That's a neat journal!