Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fitting Knitting

The circus girl is having a fitting for a little knitted dress. I have been attempting to improve my knitting skills over the weekend and learn more than just the basic stitch. I have got the
'Stitch 'n Bitch' book which I found very helpful in sorting out just what I was doing wrong with my rib and my moss stitch! I am quite pleased with my efforts and have been enjoying making little textured patterns. The back of the dress is going to be plainer and I may have to do side panels as it is not quite big enough but still! The yarn (I just really can't get used to saying yarn, having called it wool all my life, but if I am trying to be a knitter I should try) is called baby bamboo and is very soft. I have a pair of bamboo pajama trousers which I love-all the great heavy qualities of viscose, which used to be my favourite fabric at one point, and soft too. I went to John Lewis to buy it tonight, as the ones I have just were not right. Yarn is just so expensive! So tempting too. I fear I am a dilettante knitter-as described in the stitch and bitch field guide to knitters-'They only learned to knit last week, but already they have spent more money on luxurious yarn than you did in the last year'. This is mixed with a 'get your freak on knitters' who can't be bothered to try to understand or follow patterns and make it up as they go along. So my next step in knitting would be to actually make something more than a scarf or a dolly dress from my expensive yarn, and do so by following a pattern. If I do so I will be sure to write about it on here!

I think the bottom of the green part is moss stitch-but could be wrong-help Ros or Anne! (Two very impressive knitters indeed-they can make socks!)

Below is Cassie being entertaining and cute ( I think!) and keeping herself amused with a marble. The circular thing is not some cleverly designed cat toy, but the turntable part of the giant scrabble board my brother made for us. I put it away but left the circle of fun for Cassie! She was sleeping in it tonight!

Well, off to bed now so am not too tired for the children being in tomorrow. Today started off well, but soon deteriorated under the imposition of yet more ridiculous and virtually impossible edicts from above. Such is the life of a teacher-at times.


Linda Sue said...

That lucky little marble- Cassie has a soft paw...Your knitting is awesome- I can not knit- I admire!

Leenie said...

Yes, awesome knitting. Beautiful even stitches and patterns. Miss dolly is making quite the fashion statement there.

Cassie has a wonderful toy! Thanks for sharing the video. Smiling here.

Yiota said...

The lower part of the dress with the squares is exactly the same pattern I made for a sweater of mine ages ago! Now, I'm not sure I remember how to knit. Crochet and sewing are my new passions.
Well done; great progress!

Anonymous said...

The bit on the right of the green (next to the pink) is indeed moss stitch! Your doll looks very fetching in her dress. Remember if you want to win a pair of my handknitted socks, just leave lots of comments between now and the 14th!!

snoopydog said...

Oh my word! I just had to call in when I saw the word 'knitting' in your post title. The little dress looks just perfect the young circus performer. Knitted dress designer, no less! Moss stitch is k1,p1,k1,p1. Each row will begin with the k1. Yours looks a little different ;-).
Love little Cassie... so sweet! Your return to school sounds rather like mine. I feel shattered already! Ros

jabblog said...

Very impressive! I gave up knitting several years ago when I realised I enjoyed knitting garments but not sewing them together - oh dear!
I hope the 'powers that be' learn sense - invite them in to run your class for a day!

Paula said...

Look at all those fun stitches you've accomplished! You'll be a master knitter before you know it. Look out socks, here you come!

Anonymous said...

Good job on your knitting. That dress is going to be cute on your doll. Cassie looks quite entertained!