Monday, 4 January 2010

Warm and Cold

Today was quite fun. We had our (very short) inset this morning-all over by ten thirty, then onto the real work of getting lots of jobs that were undone done. Art ordering-done! Book lists for lending this term-done! Weekly plan, PPA problems-sorted! But they were not the fun part-that was meeting up with everyone again and laughing. I always think I am lucky to work in a place where laughter is so frequent.
Below are a few snippets of my day (and a little bit of Sunday too) I often read on blogs of how the blogger's camera now never leaves their side, and this is pretty true in my case-though it was before I was a blogger-especially ever since digital cameras came into my world! But I did wonder about myself this morning when, just after having a moment of regret about throwing out a pair of trousers that I still like although they are old and scruffy, then making Andy go out and get the bin bag they were in so I could rescue them (successful!), I was then rushing to get my camera so I could photograph my new socks! I love them for their sophisticated smartness-so unlike me and my other socks and therefore able to be worn with shoes. Made a change from boots.
In the warm and cold scheme of things, these are warm. Below is a snow or maybe you would call it an ice cloud-from Sunday. Small pellets of ice, not quite hail but not quite snow.

Lily on the post on the fence-a warm furry cat in a cold garden seen from a warm kitchen.
So this picture is both warm and cold.

A sweet little pottery owl from my friend Linda at work. He is definitely warm.
Another Christmas present-this beautiful little glass vase shines coldly.
Replacing the tree with lanterns. One of my favourite things about Christmas is the lights and I wanted to continue the magic for a bit longer (until Spring?)
The last picture was taken this morning-such bright sunlight shining on the surveyor in the playground. He and his colleague are surveying in readiness for our new school-to be built some time in the not quite immediate future. They had the same hats as each other, which I thought was sweet. They must get very cold at this time of year, out there in the proper winter weather with their theodolites. (At least I think that is what they have-on top of tripods-if you know about this and I am wrong, please tell me!) Here is a whole site dedicated to photos of surveyors at work-fascinating! It has a romantic air to me, as I have literally no idea how they do their jobs, and their jobs involve a lot of complicated maths I would imagine. I can appreciate a good hat though!
Well it is meant to be snowy and cold almost everywhere by Wednesday and the weather people keep stressing that we should all watch the forecasts closely. Weather reporting in the UK has never quite got over its failure to properly predict the hurricanes of 1987-and now goes to great lengths to make sure this can never happen again. I like the weather reports but what I cannot stand is the reporters who talk about the weather as if it was a sentient being. I will get some examples of this and explain at another time! My favourite weather reporter is Carol Kirkwood on the BBC in the morning. She must have a large storage facility for all of her hats, scarves and gloves-oh, and coats! She is an outside weather reporter-no warm studio and blue screen for her, oh no, just in the middle of the weather, reporting live from it!


Rattling On said...

Love all your pictures. We're not doing warm at all here, it's snowing again right now and I expect more school closures tomorrow...
I wish I was as fearless as Lily when it comes to climbing and balancing.

Linda Sue said...

Ohhh I am liking your new socks!

Candace said...

Love this post, Sarah and we think alike on the subject of the holiday tree! Mine is staying up ALL YEAR. ha.
Enjoy those sox, they look cool even if they are warm. I adore the Weather Channel and there's one woman who describes wet weather as "juicy". Ick! Script writers, please...!
Oh and I so adore the pic of Lily on the post.
Take care.
Candace x

kendalee said...

Back to work for me too (somewhat reluctantly) yesterday so it feels like the year has properly begun... I hope yours is going to be a very happy one Sarah and love the continuing warm and festive mood of those lanterns - lovely!!! I think Carol's forecasting some more fluffy stuff for us today... yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - love the new socks! We had even more snow overnight. Our schools should have started back today (yesterday was a Bank Holiday here), but they are closed, which is unfortunate, as our road is usually treated in term-time as it is a school bus route, so we will have to struggle on through the snow and ice to get down to the main road! Love, Anne

Tracy said...

Hi, Sarah! :o) Happy New Year! Great to be back from our trip and catching up with you here... Feeling jet-lagged and heart-fuzzy after a sweet Christmas, but great to be back and around blogland now! It has been very, very cold here, and we came home to find much snow--28 inches/70 cm and -17* C...bbbbrrr... Keep warm! Look forward to catching up with you more soon. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Sonia ;) said...

Love the new socks...I too have rescued a few things from the bin..The pictures are amazing..I especially love lily on the fence.


Janine said...

What wonderful photos! I love the one with Lily up high on her perch!

Jessica Nichols said...

I feel exactly the same about Christmas. I love your lanterns. I left one strand of twinkly lights above my kitchen sink. They make me so happy while washing the dinner dishes.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love those socks! We are having a cold snap here and it's getting really old. I am so ready for spring. Our weather men have a hard time getting anything right as well. This week alone it's changed 10 times so we have no idea whether it's going to snow on Thursday. I guess we will have to wait and see.