Friday, 29 January 2010

Sky, Clay, Faces

 Today we had lots of fun clay painting all over the wall, window (my personal favourite) and the door. I was trying to make the most of the rainy weather when I went to set up this morning. By the afternoon the weather was much colder-in fact had completely changed-even had a few snow flurries. As Ronnie Barker said "It's mad!" Ronnie Barker is a boy in my class-he is not named after the RB but after his Grandad. I have another Ronnie so yes, I do have the two Ronnies in my class. They are about as funny too!
It somehow felt really naughty painting all over the window. I did wash it after school!
Lunch time sky.
Home time sky
Evening sky.

Trying to correct the nose. This is another pencil and white paint picture.
I felt it needed a bit of colour!
This is my first attempt at painting in the way Misty has taught us-using layers and under painting. It is more like the way we were taught oil painting at school and it is interesting to see the different effect it has to my normal fairly flat style.
I am so glad it is Friday as this week has been really hard in some ways.
I am looking forward to a bit of a rest and then making some tiny things-a start to my
dolls house contents! I hope you have a lovely weekend too whatever you are up to!


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! What fun painting on the window! Love the portraits you've been working on. Very loose and painterly! :-)

Linda Sue said...

The children are very adorable and what fun to paint with mud...You are so cool!
AND the two Ronnies- haven't heard that in a while!

Yiota said...

I love these backs! Children and brushes~ a great combination!
This last painting of yours is brilliant!
...beautiful sky pictures!

Sonia ;) said...

Runs-----trips-----Is it PUB time Sarah? This past week did seem LONG....The pictures are awesome...painting on everything was naughty and refreshing go girl. I want a guinness dark one...sip up for me...


jabblog said...

So much to look at in your post and all of it so interesting. Hope you are having a relaxing and fruitful weekend :-)

chrome3d said...

Good backs, excellent skies and night too but I loved the paintings the most.

Candace said...

Your paintings are so good, Sarah. Always fun visiting you. LOVE love love those little kids. Some are fearless and some simply want to have fun but all have their own inner workings where creative things are concerned... how good you encourage them.

The sky shots are the best I've seen lately! You have such a great touch with the camera.
Candace in Athens x

Rusted Wings said...

love what you're doing in misty's class! it really stretches us to work outside of our boxes!!