Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tiger in the snow

Little Tiger came with me into the snowy garden last night. We could hear the sound of children and a reckless Dad sledging down the road-we live on a hill. There were not many cars really. What really made me laugh was how Tiger would shake her back, and sometimes front paws really fast as she lifted them from the snow. You can kind of see it in the film. So cute!

Through this lovely blog I found this one. A group of people, the same faces popping up often, cows, horses, some beautiful dogs, the sea, the hills, meadows. I looked at lots of them, going back and back. It is strange to glimpse into someone's world and know nothing about them apart from the story the pictures tell. I really like it.


Poetikat said...

"Let me back in!" Poor Tiger! That was a great film. We both enjoyed watching.
The two blogs were nice too. I loved those images of the dogs and the cows. (The blue-eyed farmer wasn't too bad either.)

Renee said...

Snow is beautiful isn't it. No matter what I still love it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, you know I'm not a great cat lover ...... but I did feel sorry for poor Tiger. Have a good weekend, love Anne

Sam said...

Oh your pussy cat!!! Bless!!! (note to self : must get a pussy cat this year!!!) Love those two blogs you've linked to here - that last on particularly - gosh!

Shell said...

Tiger is adorable. I love big, fluffy cats like that.

Candace said...

That Tiger is the best sport! Kitty Boy wants to go out too but right now, no can do.
Love the Grass Doe blog, Sarah. Thanks much for that.
Take care.

Candace in Athens x

Anonymous said...

So Cute! Our middle kitty loves to go out in snow but our youngest tries to find ways to keep his paws out of it. It's funny to watch him.