Thursday, 28 January 2010


As well as drawing at home I draw at work a lot, and for work. I like drawing for children, with them and alongside them. We have great conversations through drawing-the different ways that we all see the world is apparent through what we draw. This week we planned a storytelling activity based on very simple line drawings to represent family. I started with the afternoon carpet today by just getting out the Mum, Dad, boy and girl. I just wanted to see what the children thought so I asked who these people were. Straight away one of them said "That's my Mum!" I find it fascinating that a simple stick figure is so obviously representing something universal. As for the storytelling we didn't get very far today-but we did establish that they live in a house and that Lucien-a new child this term, has a chinchilla! Not unrelated as we were talking about pets by this time. I will see what happens tomorrow! I just like this drawing of a tree that I did out in the garden one day so I am using it!


The last few evenings have been taken up with visiting OWOH blogs and I am only on number 101! It is very time consuming but fun to see so many new ones! I have a growing list of blogs to revisit. In between times I have been working on another drawing/painting for the Misty Mawn class. This one is done with a water soluble 8b pencil and white acrylic. I found it very hard to control which made it interesting. Not sure about the result-I think another very beautiful girl has been Sarahed! Oh dear.


Poetikat said...

I love "Mum's" boots, Sarah! I'm sure your students really enjoy you teaching them and exploring their world through drawing.


Anonymous said...

why do my simple lines never come out looking like that?

Anonymous said...

I love your tree!

snoopydog said...

I love the way you write about school. It's so..........'as it is'! It makes me smile. We had another day without children today, as a main water pipe had burst. We stayed and did bits and pieces, before leaving for home.... no water, so no loo flushing etc. So, a leisurely start to the weeekend. GREAT!I LOVE Murakami books by the way. Have you read 'The Wind-up Bird Chronicle? My favourite, I think. Ros

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I like the faces that you've been drawing for Misty Mawn's class. Sorry I haven't popped by to comment lately, but I have been lurking! Hope you and yours are doing well! :-)

rochambeau said...

You draw well!
It is harder to make a statement with few lines, yet you seem to have this talent