Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow in the City is Really Pretty

Just lots of pictures-of a snowy evening and day.
Antwerp snowglobe from Andy-shaking it in the snow.
Washing abounds but indoors rather than out.
Not snow-but the nursery babies have never looked so good-washed and with new clothes!
Hometime today. It snowed very lightly all day,
but then for the last hour of school was quite heavy.

On the way to the bus. This is just next to my school-
a large grassy area that became perfect for sledging.The view from the bus. The bus driver stopped for me even though he was not at a bus stop. He said he stopped because I was looking at him-so kind! He had a difficult time getting up the hill out of Woolwich but finally conquered it. There was a fun atmosphere on the bus with strangers chatting away quite happily because of the exciting conditions.
This is Charlton House-a Jacobean mansion just up the road. It is supposed to have the oldest mulberry tree in Britain and it has a summer house designed by Inigo Jones and built in 1630.
I first saw the gate at the front on the cover of a detective novel, and was really excited when I saw the real one and recognised it.
The gate used to be part of an enclosure of the green at the front which is no longer enclosed-so it stands alone.

This is one of a large group of these blocks of flats set in a valley and overlooking east London. They are opposite Charlton House. Apparently there used to be a farm in this valley-I think a pig farm though I am not entirely sure.

I liked the pink window and the greeny blue-grey of the van.
Poplar Cottage-at the top of the road, partially obscured by a digger. The name and date are painted in black on the front of the house.
The date on it is 1600. -No-it is 1695-I looked more closely tonight.


Linda Sue said...

I had to don an extra layer to view your photos- love them, the snow and the light is so pretty!

Sonia ;) said...

AHHHHHH....Double decker bus, the red phone booth, snow...OMG I love it...One day one day...

xoxoxoxox LOVE IT

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! That mansion is amazing! I love old homes!

Anonymous said...

Super photos - especially the mansion. We didn't get the forecast snow overnight, instead it was bitterly cold. We are thoroughly tired of it now!!

Tracy said...

bbbrrr...VERY frosty! We have TONS of the white frosting here at the moment, and it's -20 C today! Your photos capture the chill and beauty of winter, Sarah. Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

snoopydog said...

Lovely photos! The nursery babies look very spruced up!!! I wonder if you got your 'snow day' today? We did! Ros

Mar said...

eh...we have that stuff!

ArtSparker said...

The story about the bus driver stopping because you looked at him so kindly is quite wonderful, it is just the sort of thing that gets forgotten in day to day life. The photos at the end, as evening drifted down, are extraordinary. I'm glad there are still a few of those red phone boxes around.

kendalee said...

Don't you love the way the snow encourages you to look at familiar surroundings and see them looking so familiar still, but very different too? I do! Even the grottiest of areas in my city look prettier with a bit of snow! These pictures are lovely Sarah... I hope you're keeping toasty! :) xo

Di said...

Really enjoyed your photos, Sarah! Hope you're able to enjoy the snow. Been pretty bad here today and forecast is for more over the weekend :)

Lori Saul said...

Wondrous photos Sarah and I love the snow globes! I also really like the little snowflakes drifting silently through your blog-wonderful effects. Always a joy to visit!

Shell said...

Beautiful wintry pictures. The picture of the gate from long ago standing is so magical to me.
We will be getting our snow tomorrow.