Saturday, 23 January 2010

All Things Small and Portable

The beautiful bungalow. I love it!
A small crocodile by Deborah. So much life in this little drawing!
He has such a cunning expression.
A small tea party arranged by Catherine.
Perhaps they are discussing what is wrong with the cat.
I love the way the cups are hugely out of proportion to the dolls in this set.
Dacta dolls, a very popular toy.
Illegal animal transportation going on under my very nose.
Talking of all things small, you must visit my friend Mae's blog to see her
fantastic video-I have just watched it and it is so good!


Hey Harriet said...

Cute! I like the tea party photos with the gigantic tea cups. I am a little concerned about that cat though ;)

Would you believe that I haven't seen Avatar yet? Let me know what James Cameron says :)

jabblog said...

Oh, I love it. Those dolls are so beautiful and the way they have been arranged is fascinating - they really are having a conversation.
Your bungalow is going to be such fun to dress. I look forward to seeing the transition.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Sarah! You have a wonderful eye for catching little scenes that most people would miss! Love, Anne

Sonia ;) said...

Love it..I love those


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Cunning crocodile,
basking near the River Nile—
I avoid your smile!

Anairam said...

It must be amazing to teach in a nursery school - the kids sound so sweet (not the weeing and pooing bits, obviously). But I mean, that crocodile drawing! It is SO good - he just looks positively hungry and leering! PS The face drawing course sounds great - have fun with it!