Monday, 17 October 2011

Washing Line Art and Red Dots

animated gif how to

This is the sight that greeted me when I arrived at school at lunchtime. I really like the look of these paintings-their earthy colours and primitive symbols. I will find out what they are all about tomorrow. This is the sight I drove past (in a very slow queue-so time to take a quick photo) on the way to the shops after work. The other side of the building. On the side I normally go past the dots are pink and turquoise. I like this side more with its red dots. I was on the way to Bluewater-a large shoppping centre just down the A2. I had to buy something to wear to my Aunt and Uncle's ruby wedding on Sunday. I found a dress almost immediately and really liked it, and still did when I tried it on here. It is the most expensive dress I have ever bought but I like it so much I will wear it loads and so get lots of value out of it. Each time I wear it, it gets cheaper! I really don't like dressing up for smart occasions, but this dress is smart but relaxed-I love it! I will wear it with boots, and a long sleeved top underneath-which I have yet to buy-John Lewis wasn't too hot on those, and I was too tired to venture into the rest of the shopping centre. It is built in a chalk quarry and has lots of carparks and roundabouts. Normally I go unerringly to the John Lewis one. Today I got lost-ish-three times! I don't know what came over me! I was on the way back to London once-roundabouts come in handy when this kind of thing happens. Andy and I once got lost-and stuck-in Glasgow. We were there for far longer than we needed to be because there were no roundabouts!


jabblog said...

Love the animated paintings:-) Well done, quickly finding something to wear - I'd still be there.
Isn't it horrible, getting lost, particularly when you're tired?

Linda Sue said...

Oh dear- if it makes you feel any better- I get lost in my own room! Can't wait to see your fancy affair dress- with your gorgeous chocolate hair- you will be a vision for sure!I haven't worn a dress since exactly one year ago today!

Sarah said...

Yes-it was weird! I think I even came the wrong way out of a one way bit of the carpark-though luckily nobody was around!

Mar said...

i have LOTS to catch up on with you! great interesting post as awlays!!!

missed ya


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Love the paintings. Isn't it great to find something to wear without any problems.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

malcolm is the master of going round roundabouts twice, when he misses our exit the first time. Looking forward to seeing you in your new dress (yes, you WILL post a photo!!) ..... it is nice to get dressed up once in a while!

Ned Trifle said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sarah
Happy Birthday to you!

Keep on bloggin'!


Leenie said...

The art-on-the-line looks amazing. I hope we get to see some of it close up. And I hope you model your party outfit for a camera for us. Sometimes it's almost fun to be lost--but not when you're in a hurry and so is everyone else.

Tracy said...

Washing line art... I LOVE that! And such wonderful art too! Very fun to hear about your dress shopping. I feel the same way. While I like pretty clothes, I'm not much of dressing up... LOL... Ruby wedding, now that is a lovely milestone to celebrate. And speaking of celebrating--your birthday today, the 19th, yes?! Hope you're having a wonderful day and celebrating! :o) ((HUGS))