Thursday, 6 October 2011

Look, Listen and Feel

At the moment I do three Forest School sessions a week-one on Wednesday morning and two on Thursday. Each one starts with a time in base camp where we look around us at the weather, the sky, and anything else we notice, we feel the weather with our hands, faces, or by opening our mouths, and we listen to what is around us. I love the way we can enjoy the simplest things such as the wind in the trees, the sight of an aeroplane or a bird overhead or following the progress of a tiny ladybird on the big log.

Our head teacher is doing surprise short observations this term, and he came to watch the start of my Forest School session today. I didn't notice he was there at first and then when I did I didn't care too much as I feel confident in this session above all others I think. He liked what he saw and gave me positive feedback. The 'points for development' are the part of the observation where you are told how to be better. Mine were these-don't carry the very heavy child with disabilities as I will hurt my back (and I suppose possibly drop him) This is a fair point, and I knew he would mention it. However, we were playing a hide and seek listening game where the children have to move fairly speedily around the large forest school area, and this boy can't walk unaided, his frame is unmanageable on the bumpy grass, and the only way he can access the game is for me to carry him. I suppose he could head off and hide five minutes before everyone, then I could manufacture it so we find his group last, but I feel whatever I do it will single him out, and as it is he really enjoys the game. The second point made me smile though-it was to make sure the adults know it is forest school day as a couple of them looked cold. They all do know and I feel it is their choice about what they are going to wear. I offer them waterproofs, which most of them don't wear but other than that-they are adults! If the children were not adequately clothed then I would feel it was my responsibility but not the adults! We found and watched this ladybird for ages, until the wind blew it off the log.
I love the way the log is drying out and the beautiful patina of this part.

The clouds looked brushed today.

The sun shone in the afternoon, though it was chilly.

The wind was quite strong. Not strong enough to be dangerous, just to make it feel more like Autumn has finally arrived.


Rachel Fox said...

What a lovely way to spend time - for everyone!

Tracy said...

Oh, I would just LOVE to come along on one of your Forest School days--it looks like such fun! Very glad you got positive feedback from the head--great work! Such lovely clouds--could get lost looking at them. And the bark on that log is amazing... it ripple, like water. Hang on there in the wind! It's been so windy here too. We're near the coast to is can be breezy, but lately it's windy all the time it seems. Anyway, thanks for the nature walk today. Happy Weekend, Sarah :o) ((HUGS))

Leenie said...

Well, even though you got in trouble for helping the disabled young man I would give you extra points for being such a thoughtful teacher. You're right about adults not needing to be told to put on coats. Hehe.

Your lady-bug looks very different from ours--same color and shape, just different spot patterns. I really like lady bugs. So friendly and cheerful.

LV said...

You are certainly involved in some very interesting things. I enjoyed your writings on your experiences.

frayedattheedge said...

Perhaps your head teacher is related to those annoying weather forecasters who tell us to wrap up, remember the umbrella, drive carefully in the rain! I love the photo of the clouds - they do indeed look as if someone has brushed the sky.

KindredSpirit said...

Love the forest school post. Commenting from my new iPhone. Can blog on the move! I will be doing it daily!!!