Monday, 24 October 2011


I like the way anniversaries are named. I wonder where the tradition came from, and expect I could look it up, but for now just a few pictures of yesterday. Forty years ago my aunt and uncle were married. We joined them to celebrate these years. I don't often see my family-cousins and aunts and uncles, so it is lovely when I do. We went to the 10 o' clock service which was an experience in itself, as I am not a church goer. I enjoyed the service-a thought provoking and quite funny sermon, singing hymns, hearing what the children at the Sunday school had learned, and listening to the vicar somehow managing to compare a forty year marriage to a mature cheese! Frosted rubies of yew berries greeted us in the beautiful churchyard.

It was a warm and sunny day-as was the wedding day itself.

As we had coffee and biscuits after the service, I noticed that teddies go to church too.
I took a photo of the wedding photo but it has the refelction of the church window in it-completely covering my aunt-my Dad's sister on the right.

From left to right

My Dad and brother, Mum, aunt's sister, me(looking the wrong way!), the happy couple, my sister, my aunt and my Gran. I have no memories of the day, but seeing the photo, I had a memory of the fabric of my dress. I have always loved fabric!

After the service we went to another beautiful village for a meal-in a pub and restaurant that my aunt and uncle have been to each year since their marriage.

A lovely day!


Sam said...

I love that photo - it would be one to blow up perhaps? Lovely church too - so Englihs with all thos ewonky grave stones - we don't seem to have classic graveyards like that here in Aus! Many happy returns to your Aunt and Uncle!

Tracy said...

Oh, how lovely... and loved seeing the photo! And how sweet that teddies go to church as well... LOL! Your new banner is wonderfully spooky, Sarah--fantastic! :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

Love the stuffies trying to pay attention in church, I can hear them making little noises when ever the guy up front, the one in the dress says something un-understandable.

I like how your magic dress makes the kitty -poof- disappear!That dress has skills!

Elizabeth said...

What memories
and well done to your uncle and aunt for such a long marriage.
Loved the teddies in church.
A ruby wedding.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see the wedding photo and a young you looking very pretty!

jabblog said...

Delightful! What a lovely celebration - and Goudhurst I remember as being pretty - I hope it is still:-)

Anonymous said...

It does sound like a lovely day!

KindredSpirit said...

Great vintage pic of their wedding day.