Friday, 28 October 2011

A Bunny's Work is Never Done

It is very, very, hard work being the bunny who gathers the pumpkins. So, I need to relax afterwards, with a cup of tea.
In my little kitchen.
I wonder what other jobs are lined up for me later?

Poor Bunny maid, I should make her a little feather bed to rest in. She is based on these bunny maids in the cutest ever felting book. It is Japanese so the instructions are unreadable to me, but the pictures are good enough. Normally I do not want to exactly copy things from books, but in this one everything is just so adorably cute that I must! Though mine don't come out quite the same as theirs. Name of the book next time with more creatures. The little kitchen and teacup were yet more bargains from the market yesterday. Things like this are ok to bring into our already cluttered house, as they fit inside something else-the dolls houses-which are microcosms of the clutter in the big house. (My self-justification process!)


elizabeth said...

Loved this charming little story!
It made me think of a blog friend
Alicia Padron who I have known for more than five years. She lives in S. America
(My place over the hill
She does very lovely illustrations and has just had a Ladybird book published in England.
Your students might love her work.
Cold, cold here!

Linda Sue said...

Divine felting, my dear! Such a lovely little bunny!

Leenie said...

I do love your sweet bunny maid and her lovely kitchen all set for tea. She will have to come across the pond and visit with Leelah Dahlie some time when the twins are at school.

jabblog said...

This is just so delightful - I love it!

Queenie Believe said...

Wonderful Bunny maid, I love them not only for how cute they are but also because they have a story.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Jenny Woolf said...

Very cute little bunnies! I thought they were Japanese, they remind me of Hello Kitty which seems to be very popular there.

Shell said...

I love your sweet little Bunny!! Do you think she come over here and help me with some extra housework. Tell her I make her the most delicious carrot cupcakes for her.