Friday, 21 October 2011

I am the Flower Lady

I got up extra early today, and was at school by ten past seven. I had lots to do preparing for the builders to fence off our garden next week. As the sun rose, I dug up the lavender and rosemary, cut some of the bigger seedheads and lots of smaller ones from the sunflowers, and put all the logs from the nursery garden over the fence into Forest School. I went out to the car a couple of times to put the plants and the sunflower heads in. As I was putting the logs over, a little boy walked past on his way to breakfast club. I don't know him so he must be new to the school. He asked his mum who I was, and she said I was the teacher. "That's not the teacher, that's the flower lady" he replied. I much prefer that! In the afternoon we had a sunflower ceremony.

We took the large sunflower-a sunflower tree, to Forest School, and once I had shared out the seedheads, the children walked around, deciding where to leave them. We hope some sunflowers will grow, even though we won't be there to see them.
The other sunflower has come home with me.

It left the dramatic grey clouds and evening sunlight, and is now secured by a drawer handle in the kitchen chest of drawers. I was very pleased with this solution to how to stand it up! I have planted the rosemary and lavender in a pot rather than the soil as I don't want bindweed in the garden and we have loads at school. I might as well not have bothered though. I removed the squash vine tonight-it was all dead and ready to come up. I then did a little chamomile lawn weeding and found two tiny pieces of bindweed! How annoying, it is so hard to get rid of. I wonder where it came from.

I also found a frog. He made me jump, but I expect I did that to him too.


Leenie said...

Flower Lady! A very good name. Children have a way of putting things in the right perspective. It looks like that is just what you have become. Your place must smell wonderful with all the lavender and chamomile. I DO understand the frustration of bindweed. I don't know how it travels but I know the roots must go all the way down to hell.

Linda Sue said...

Your kids are so lucky! I want to be a kid in your school, in your class- I want to be a flower in your garden, too. How can i manage these wants? You are the teacher, you tell me.
I think that Stella and I are planning a trip to London with a quick pop over to Venice maybe this spring, not sure but that is what the chatter is....

Lynne said...

I've just spent an enjoyable time looking back through the posts I've missed. Your blog is full of interest and beauty. A belated Happy Birthday to you.
Thank you for your comments while I've been absent, they were much appreciated.
Well, it's a busy day today, I have my sister and her family arriving this afternoon, taking advantage of half term week. I expect you will be putting your time to good use what ever you do. Enjoy it.

Sarah said...

I agree Leenie-down to hell!
Well Linda Sue-you hava given me a question to ponder over half term! It woudl be great if you and Stella came to London-keep me informed!
Hi Lynne, lovely to hear from you! Yes half term-thank goodness! Have a lovely week with you family.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Flower Lady what a great name, much better than "the teacher". You certainly have been busy with the garden, and the sunflower at your house is amazing.

jabblog said...

Flower Lady - so sweet and most apt:-)