Thursday, 15 July 2010

Surprise Simple Things!

Christina, of Soul Aperture, is having a blog party for her birthday today. She organises lovely simple things days from time to time, inviting people to share the simple things that make them happy. I love thinking about these things, to combat the doom and gloom that can sometimes creep into life. Christina's friend Se'lah has organised a surprise simple things for Christina. Happy Birthday! Christina likes balloons so Anila is here to share hers.

Simple things I like include..... Surprises-I was so surprised when this face appeared in the clouds!

Doodling -and living near the river.

Wildlife about the home.

Joining in with lovely weekly memes such as Rebecca's Haiku my heart Friday. This tape is so lovely! Visit Rebecca here for more Haikus! I have left you a few links as presents here Christina!

Gorgeous photos-visit this site-it really is lovely!

-I know how you like the rain!
A song I randomly found through googling beautiful things!


nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I love your take on life, simple things do give us such a great amount of pleasure. We do lose track of them when we are so busy.

Spadoman said...

Happy birthday to you friend, Happy Haiku your Heart on Friday and Happy use of that neato tape!


rebecca said...

oh sarah,
how lovely!!
your simple joys will fill many hearts,
the birthday girl!

paper-n-soul said...

Hahaha - love the haiku and photo - "all mine". :)

Beautiful simple things post.


turquoise cro said...

eVerything, SWEET!!!

jabblog said...

We could all spend more time appreciating the simple things of life - great reminder, Sarah:-)

frayedattheedge said...

In the rush of everyday life, we do forgot sometimes to appreciate the simple pleasures which kight up our days!

Christina said...

oh my heavens- look at all the balloons... and the rain, the sound of the rain. you made me cry! how beautiful.
i love you, friend.
i bookmarked it all. omgoodness!~ the japanese tape.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I had to smile at that apparition! So nice to meet Christina's friends, it was fun to be part of her celebration--don't the simple things make life so much more bearable?

xo Mary Jo

SE'LAH... said...

loving the ribbons...
your haiku made me smile.
beautiful tribute here.
one love.

Mar said...

simple is the absolute best
happy birthday to your christina

Meri said...

lively collection
pretty colors spiraling
in cardboard circles

Lynne said...

Hi Sarah,
I've loved catching up with you.
The simple pleasures in life are the best!
Have a great weekend.

吳婷婷 said...
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Anairam said...

Simple things are the most surprising in the unexpected pleasure they offer. Love your found wildlife (I have a lampshade just like that!) and your cloud face is just beautiful ...

kathstewart said...

That tape is almost jealous-making ;-)
I love how we are all coming together because of the lovely Christina

Yiota said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for letting me now about the surprise. I'm back home now visiting everyone. Love the balloons and the face in the clouds.

kendalee said...

What is it about balloons that makes them so wonderfully photogenic I wonder? Those pictures are indeed, gorgeous!

And I LOVE the rain sound... just what I need right now actually, some lovely peaceful white noise - thank you.

wv is ssings, rain ssssinging?