Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Promises to myself

Promises that I make to myself are the hardest to keep I find. It is so easy to just give up and not do the thing I have been meaning to do for so long. I gave up smoking at least six times before the final time three years ago. Now it is time to sort out the other things that are bugging me-namely eating badly a lot of the time, and not exercising, with the inevitable result of feeling fat and tired. I have put on about three stone in the last four years I think-the combination of stopping smoking and starting to drive are what did it I think. Hence the promise to go for a walk daily and eat more healthily. I have been reading 'You Are What You Eat' tonight, and I have bought a blender so I can have smoothies. I have eaten muesli, apples, bananas, salad , raspberries and blackberries over the last two days. I am writing it all down here so I can look back and be inspired to carry on. I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow-long overdue-I lost touch with the lovely Bianca, so am going to try a salon with such a great name that I can't resist. The Curious Comb. I hope they can make my hair magically much better than it is today! Here is Snowball-at least I think that is the name of this cat. I met it on this road a few years back, and that is what a helpful passer by told me. Snowball looked a bit perturbed when I stroked him, then moved round the bins for a photo, then back again for more stroking. He was just peacefully sleeping before that!
I was trying to think of some kind of theme to my walks as I can't always go to the shops. I thought of walking to and photographing the various churches in the area. This is one of my favourite ones, St George's in Kirkside road. It is my favourite as it has regular, and always interesting, jumble sales. The kind with home made cakes and jams, knitted goods for pennies, and lots and lots of great old books. I missed the last one-kind of on purpose as I did not want to buy more suff, and once I get in there I can't resist. This church was built in 1890-92, I found out tonight here. It had its roof lifted and dropped four inches out of place by a bomb in the second world war. I didn't know any of these things till tonight, so I shall be learning about the local area on my walks!

This is a recently constructed Methodist church which I have posted about before-as they had the cross lying around wrapped in plastic for ages before it finally went up. I love the bird detail on this window, which I have not noticed before.

Incidental cat photos. I like the multiple occupancy demonstrated here.

Cassie has been very helpful in my work today.


SE'LAH... said...

we've been enjoying smoothies all summer...delish!

thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the blog visit today. I appreciate it, so much.

one love.

→lisa said...

Good for you, that sounds like a great plan. I have gained quite a bit of weight over the past two or three years as well, so I know how it is, that feeling. I've been trying to be more active and eat better, but it's still hard.

I like the idea of turning your walks into photo expeditions!

Kat said...

Well, you know how I feel about smoothies! I like to use frozen fruit because it's not labour-intensive and there are so many varieties. My favourite is mango with fresh bananas and orange juice, but I also love blueberry. I use bananas as a base for every smoothie and always add ground flax-meal too.

Kevin and I once wanted to drive around Ontario and photograph all the churches and do a book. I like the churches you've photographed here.

I also like the multi-level photo with the two cats.

I'm hoping your book will arrive soon, but today the woman at the p.o. told me the other p.o. had not categorized the mail properly and it may come back to me! I hope not, but I'll let you know.


Bimbimbie said...

A walk with the camera is all the excuse you'll need to make it an enjoyable habit, and if you run out of churches you can always swap the theme to cats. Lovely bird detail on that window*!*

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Good for you Sarah, keep up the walking and the eating will just fall into place.

One small step at a time is the best way, and taking your camera with you when walking is a great idea. That's what I do..

Anonymous said...

I had to stop taking my camera with me every day - I would get so engrossed taking photos that I would lose track of time .... and I wouldn't be keeping up my pace to get the most benefit from the walk! Of course I only have one church to take photos of 0 you definitely have the advantage there in the city! I start off every morning determined to follow my healthy eating plan .... but it always goes wrong somewhere in the day - we had sausages, black pudding, fried egg and fried potatoes for dinner last night - absolutely delicious, but laden with the calories!!

Rattling On said...

This is the main problem with the long school holidays, we fee we have to use it productively!! I'm also suppsed to be decluttering...hope the hair cut goes well.

Leenie said...

Lots of encouragement is coming your way from here. The fact that you could wean yourself of nicotine shows you have plenty of self control.

I've dropped a few pounds in the last several weeks. One of my downfalls is evening snacking. I've promised myself to eat nothing after dinner. And nothing but water after Thursday lunch since I have an evening meeting then. And nothing for breakfast and lunch on Sunday. I've found telling myself No to everything except water stops my appetitie from whining for treats.

I love the church photos and the info. We have so few buildings over a hundred years old in this part of the world. Only the Native Americans know the history of this place.

Keep on walking!

Linda Sue said...

I watched something the other night- the person had 24 hours to live...What would you do if you had that sort of information...my mind went first to Maple bars and chocolate milk...life is getting shorter by the minute!
I have that book- I was impressed for about the first week...There is another writen by Dr. OZ called "You on a Diet" which is more about the physiology of how the body processes what it eats and how everyone is different.
I can gain 3 stone over night- it comes - it goes- As long as I can waddle Dexter around the neighborhood, I am OK -though I do beat myself up, as I have another slice of pie...So it goes- Interesting how we are built to survive famines and periods of not enough, our bodies have not evolved to fit with development of agriculture - supper markets and the frying pan.Our bodies are successful for another time.
That moonfaced kitty looks very important, perched behind the dust bins- his realm!
Thinking kitty thoughts for Cassie tomorrow...I heart her!

Tracy said...

I was reading 'You Are What You Eat' last month--what an eye-opener that was! Even when you think you eat well, there is always room for improvement. Sugar is one we need to work on at our house--my hubby has such a big sweet tooth, and I love to bake treats. And all the articles swirling around everywhere about how sitting too long can basically shorten your lifespan--scary! Trying to do better here too... Good luck, Sarah! LOVE all the kitty cat focus in photos here today... sooo sweet. We did get our Charlie ID-chipped yesterday. Happy Week (((HUGS))

KindredSpirit said...

smoothie maker sounds good. Good luck with the fitness regime. You can always enter yourself for the Addidas 5k with me in September!

Lori Saul said...

Great photos and I love to walk- I get lost in thought and plan and dream (and hopefully burn some calories along the way)! There is something about summer that makes me more conscious of health and exercise too- have fun on your walks Sarah and look forward to more of your photo journalling!

M.Kate said...

Ah...me and the diet..am almost giving up on it :( Love the cats photos. Happy weekend :P

jabblog said...

Your daily walks will be a great way to familiarise your blog-readers with your neighbourhood ;-)
Fascinating fact about the church roof!
As for promises made to oneself - well, least said, soonest mended.
Hope Cassie is recovering well.

Anonymous said...

Smoothies...Yum! I think it's great that you've developed a plan. I love walking and have been really slack on it lately. I need to get back into it as well. Cute kitties!