Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hair! And Book!

I love my hair so much that I am actually going to show you-anyone who is looking that is! Obviously it looks slightly less good today without the professional blow dry, but I still love it! I do feel a bit silly taking photos of myself, on my own and smiling, but I was trying to look less teachery than in the other pictures below.

The other exciting news is that Kat's book arrived. I know other people who have received their copies have posted pictures of themselves with the book so I thought I would join in the fun! I am enjoying it so far. Here are a couple of my favourites. The first, 'Thoughts While Lying in Bed on A Saturday Morning' really struck a chord-it could have been written by me-the content I mean-not the poetic skill-I leave that to Kat! The second, 'Hamlet Horror', just sums up perfectly the british detective genre-the tv kind-Morse and the man in Midsomer Murders spring to mind! I can't show you that one though, as it is not on Kat's blog-so you will just have to buy the book! Here is Kat's blog for 'Shadow Stalking'-visit to find out more! Well done Kat!


Yiota said...

Love the new haircut! Very fresh!
Looks like you enjoyed the photo shoot.
You've made a good start at keeping your promises.

jabblog said...

It suits you! I like your smiling photo best. Isn't it difficult taking photos of yourself? Mine are always dreadful but I think practice makes perfect - my daughters and granddaughters seem able to do it brilliantly, as do you.

→lisa said...

You look so happy in the second picture :D

Very nice new look! When I get a flattering haircut after a long, overgrown cycle of hair-neglect, I sometimes can't stop smiling for a while after leaving the salon.

Kat said...

Loving the hair, Sarah! It looks great!
Thanks for the nice review; I got your pic up on the "shadowstalking" blog and I've linked to both your blog and your Etsy site.

The book looks great, doesn't it? It would never have been the same without your contribution of the birds and the photography of them. It is exactly what I envisioned! Show it off and make sure you tell people you did that.


Mar said...

love the hair on you!!! good style
and the only reference i can associate to 'teacherie' was you with you hand on hip

i remember teachers stances with hands on hips with 'the look'...of course i NEVER got
'the look'
how could i standing in the corner

frayedattheedge said...

Hi Sarah - I love the new hairdo! I've had mine cut quite short again (it grows at a great rate in the summer) You don't look at all teacherie - not even with the hand on hip pose!! Love, Anne

snoopydog said...

Hi there! Your hair cut looks great; itsuits the shape of your face. I've just had mine cut too. Seems be what teachers do during the first week of the hols. How sensible to get your work done. I'm not so well disciplined, I'm afraid. I usually wait for a horrid, rainy day. Hopefully there won't be too many of those. Enjoy the rest of the break! Ros

Lynne said...

Lovely hair do!
So is that the book you did the cover for? How great to be in print.

Linda Sue said...

I am so jealous of your hair- I only have about three strands and have to sort of fluff them up to make it look like hair...Love the shots of YOU!

KindredSpirit said...

ha ha you look a bit manic in the smiley one. Great haircut though - lovely job.

Robyn said...

Great shots :)
lovely to see you

Liz said...

I love your hair! You look great!